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Snake alarm!

Chimpanzees are very territorial and they are quick to respond if an "intruder" is spotted in their territory. If the intruder is someone who elicits fear or concern in the chimps they will respond by a vocalization known as "alarm calling." This morning while the humans were cleaning the chimp house we suddenly heard loud alarm calls coming from Young's Hill. When I ran out to see what all the hubbabaloo was about I could tell the chimpanzees had discovered a snake basking in the warmth of "Negra's Cabin" and were banding together (well, with the exception of Burrito and Negra who watched from the safety of the greenhouse) to handle the situation. After the crisis was averted everyone gathered in the doorway to Young's Hill, their heads sticking out to survey the hill. But fierce Foxie bravely marched out all on her own, stood bipedally a safe distance from the cabin and gave things a final look to make sure the coast was clear for her family. Foxie may be little, but she is fierce.

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