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Jamie (and J.B.) get new boots!

The chimpanzees had some good friends, Nikko and Billy, stop by with special gifts today. These two generous souls drove all the way down from British Columbia specifically to deliver multiple boxes of all but brand new boots to from their family business, Stampede Tack and Western Wear in Canada! Many of the boots are men's sizes and after suffering through wearing Jamie's smaller boots, J.B. was pretty excited to find a pair that not only fit him, but were comfortable. J.B. headed in to show Jamie, preparing to head out for a walk and as you may imagine, she was almost as excited as J.B. Jamie's hair stood on end (pilo-erect), and she stomped her foot in excitement, but instead of heading out for a walk around the hill, Jamie decided she needed to inspect them immediately and demanded that J.B. hand them over. Too bad for J.B., it was almost like he had a birthday present taken away, but Jamie's the boss around here. Sometimes when Jamie gets really excited about something new, it's almost as though she becomes overwhelmed and has to "walk away" to collect herself. After receiving the boots from J.B., Jamie took them into the playroom, softly hooting in excitement, but then she suddenly left them to sit out in the greenhouse momentarily. A few minutes later we found her with them, apparently ready to handle the excitement of her newest acquisitions. web_jamie_new_boots_I_kd_IMG_4738 web_jamie_new_boots_II_kd_IMG_4739 web_jamie_new_boots_III_kd_IMG_4740 web_jamie_new_boots_IV_kd_IMG_4741 web_jamie_new_boots_V_kd_IMG_4742 Nikki, thanks so much to you and your family for such kindness and generosity! You made Jamie's (and J.B.'s) day!

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