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Spring is in the air

Spring is here, which for this region means the weather is predictably unpredictable. Yesterday, we had a beautiful 70 degree slightly cloudy day---the chimpanzees and the humans were loving it! We had the windows open, we did some work outside, Jamie went on lots of walks, and it felt like summer was just around the corner. Annie enjoying some of the nice spring weather lately: web_annie_sit_on_cabin_yh_dg_IMG_5716 web_annie_sit_on_cabin_yh_dg_IMG_5712 web_annie_quadrupedal_stand_yh_dg_IMG_5703 web_annie_walk_yh_dg_IMG_5701 Today is, well, not as nice. We have had some very blustery winds with a slight drizzle, but that hasn't stopped Jamie from making her daily patrols! Most of the other chimps have preferred to stay in the warm wind-protected greenhouse, soaking in the spring sunlight. What will tomorrow bring? No matter what, I'm sure Jamie will still make her patrols and require her caregivers to come along as well. And maybe Burrito will join and do his new "hop." Or who knows---maybe even Foxie will come along. web_volunteer_caregiver_connie_walk_with_jamie_foxie_yh_dm_IMG_0339

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