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The New Annie

Just a few years ago, Annie was glued to her best friend Missy's side. Missy was Annie's security blanket, and she followed her everywhere. Annie was afraid to be alone. That's not the case anymore. These days it's not uncommon to see images like this one of Annie enjoying some solitude on Young's Hill this morning: web_Annie_sit_log_triangle_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7705 She sat there for several minutes until Missy, who had been doing her own thing further up the hill, came over to say hi. web_Missy_walk_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7690 web_Missy_Annie_snow_log_triangle_YH_ek_IMG_7694 web_Missy_Annie_snow_log_triangle_YH_ek_IMG_7696 Missy sat down next to Annie and they hung out together for awhile, taking in the view. web_Annie_Missy_sit_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7697 web_Annie_Missy_sit_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7700 web_Missy_sit_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7699 Eventually, Missy decided to head inside to the greenhouse. Old Annie would have followed. web_Missy_sit_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7701 web_Missy_walk_toward_greenhouse_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7702 But new Annie is plenty confident in her own company. web_Annie_sit_log_triangle_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7706 web_Annie_sit_log_triangle_snow_look_at_camera_YH_ek_IMG_7711 web_Annie_sit_log_triangle_snow_YH_ek_IMG_7712

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