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Fresh Picked Greens

There has been a lot of talk these past few weeks regarding spring and the emergence of fresh green grass. Warm weather (minus the wind) and the appearance of the fresh grass signify the onset of spring here at the sanctuary. Most spring mornings the chimpanzees can be found lounging on the deck in the Greenhouse, where the morning sun shines on them. This morning when staff member Katelyn and I walked up to the Greenhouse to greet the chimps, most of them lined up and gestured toward the grass growing just on the other side of the caging. We happily picked a few handfuls for them to enjoy as their morning snack. After lunch, most of the chimps ventured out onto Young's Hill, their 2-acre outdoor enclosure. Jamie and Missy set off on one (of many) walks around the hill, while Annie, Burrito, Foxie and Jody searched the ground for fresh grass and plants to eat. Annie found a stash of fresh plants to forage on. web_Annie_forage_wild_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1182 web_Annie_forage_wild_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1183 web_Annie_forage_wild_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1188 Jody (right) joined Annie (left). web_Annie_qp_Jody_sit_relax_forage_wild_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1192 web_Annie_qp_Jody_sit_relax_forage_wild_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1194 And then along came Burrito (far right). web_Annie_Jody_Burrito_forage_wild_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1199 Jody left the spot where her and Annie were sitting and gathered stalks of grass on her way back to the Greenhouse. web_Jody_gather_grass_in_mouth_YH_khIMG_1207 web_Jody_gather_grass_in_mouth_YH_kh_IMG_1208 And then she made herself comfortable on the deck to enjoy her grass. web_Jody_close_up_grass_mouth_lie_down_bench_GH_kh_IMG_1731 While everyone else went back inside, Annie ventured further uphill to continue her foraging. web_Annie_forage_grass_plants_YH_kh_IMG_1705

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