Bring Them Home Campaign for Expansion



If you could change the course of history for animals, would you?


Since 2008, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest has served as a model for the care of chimpanzees in sanctuary. Chimpanzees Annie, Burrito, Foxie, Jamie, Jody, Missy, and Negra are proof that love and commitment can erase a traumatic past.


The use of chimpanzees in biomedical research and entertainment is coming to an end, but many are still waiting to be released. They are waiting for their sanctuary home. They are waiting for you.


Chimpanzee sanctuary Northwest's Bring Them Home Campaign for Expansion is your opportunity to change the life of a chimpanzee forever.


Be a part of history.


Help us bring them HOME.


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Learn more about the four phases of the planned expansion and our work towards developing a future sanctuary home for those to come.

Leave a Legacy


Join the Primate Family Legacy Circle

Pledge to leave a legacy
to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest beyond your time on earth.


Annie holiding lilacs


The last gift that you give can be your most significant and will continue the care of the primate family at the sanctuary beyond your lifetime. It's a precious and touching gift that will be treasured.

In 2014, for example, the sanctuary received a donation from the estate of Marcia Douthwaite, who had been a dedicated supporter of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in addition to other animal charities. Marcia's gift allowed us to build our reserve funds, helping to ensure the long-term support and protection of the seven chimpanzees she cared so deeply about. Prior to her death, J.B. and Diana met with her and she gave us a collection of her primate books, establishing the Marcia Douthwaite lending library that we have for staff and volunteers. Marcia was a generous and caring person during her lifetime and her lasting legacy will always be a part of the sanctuary.

Contact Diana with any questions and to let us know that you've included Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as part of your estate planning, making you too a member of the Primate Family Legacy Circle., 509-699-0728.


You can also choose to fill out the pledge form at the end of this page.


Your Estate Plan:

You can ensure the care of the primates at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and the continuation of the sanctuary by leaving a gift or bequest in your will or trust. Depending on your personal estate plan, this may be  as simple as including brief language in your will, such as:

“I give to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, a nonprofit corporation of the State of Washington, located at

PO Box 952 / 25351 Hwy 10, Cle Elum, WA 98922, EIN 68-0552915 (choose one or more) The sum of $_________________ and/or _____ shares of stock in ___________________ company or _____% of my estate."*


IRA and 401(k) Giving:

There are benefits to naming Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as a beneficiary or changing the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) to the sanctuary. Please see this page from Fidelity Charitable Trust for reference information*.

It is as easy as completing a form (called the beneficiary designation form), and money will be distributed very quickly after death. 

Because Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is a 501c3, the sanctuary would receive 100% of the donation, whereas leaving it to individuals could subject the money to income tax.

*No Legal Or Tax Advice Intended:  Please note that these materials are for informational purposes only.  The information provided here is not intended, and should not be taken, as legal or tax advice. We suggest discussing this information with your attorney and/or tax advisors regarding your particular circumstances.


Sponsor a Day!



Sponsor a day of sanctuary! Ready to donate? Go here.


You can sponsor any day of the year in honor or in memory of a loved one, to celebrate a birthday (including your own birthday!), as a congratulations for a special occasion, or to join in the celebration of one of the chimpanzees' birthdays or favorite holidays.


When you sponsor a day you are helping to cover food, medical, and direct care costs for Annie, Burrito, Foxie, Jamie, Jody, Missy, and Negra – and you get a special mention on our blog! All sponsorship money goes toward the care of the chimpanzees and your gift is tax deductible.


Choose the day you’d like to sponsor (see the calendar below) and then click here to fill out the donation form. Thank you for supporting a day of sanctuary!


Be a Chimpanzee Pal


Be a part of the family by joining the Chimpanzee Pal program! Ready to donate? Go here.

Chimpanzee Pals sponsor the chimpanzee of their choice for $240 annually ($240 one-time donation, or $20/month recurring).


When you sponsor a chimpanzee you are helping to cover food, medical, and direct care costs for that individual – and you get photos and stories about their lives at the sanctuary! All pal sponsorship money goes towards the direct care of the chimpanzees and your gift is tax deductible.

Become a pal yourself or give the gift of a pal sponsorship for a birthday, holiday or special occasion. You or your gift recipient receives:


  • Your name or your gift recipient’s name on your pal’s webpage
  • Certificate of Recognition specific to your pal
  • 5x7 matted photo of your pal
  • Personalized letter of thanks with details about your pal
  • Special photo emailed to you or your gift recipient on your pal's birthday
  • Biannual updates about your pal

Choose the chimpanzee you’d like to sponsor and then click here to fill out the donation form. Welcome to the family!

Guidelines for Gifts

The chimps have such a wonderful family of supporters. Every week, we receive packages of food and enrichment from people all across the country. We rely on these gifts to keep the cupboards stocked and the enrichment bins full, which in turn helps keep the chimps happy. To ensure that we are able to use all of your generous donations, please take a look at our health and safety guidelines for food and enrichment.

If you follow the blog, you know that we serve a wide variety of food to the chimps. But for their health and safety, we follow these food rules:

  • Nothing homemade prepared outside of the chimp house kitchen – Because we can never be 100% sure of the ingredients or the conditions in which foods are prepared, we don't give the chimps any homemade foods (e.g. baked goods, trail mix, etc.).
  • No added sugar – We limit the sugar in the chimps' diet to sugar from natural sources such as whole fruit. Captive chimpanzees are at significant risk for diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. We've found that with enough variety, chimpanzees will continue to get excited about healthy food, so we're confident that they don't feel deprived. When we do give foods that are sweetened, they're generally used to deliver medication (Gatorade is a favorite). If you do send food, check the ingredients label – you'd be amazed at the things they add sugar to (like dried fruit! Why?).
  • No salt – There is a relationship between sodium and heart disease in humans, and the same is thought to hold true for chimpanzees. Therefore, to be on the safe side, we limit the amount of salt in their diet.
  • No mangoes – Mangoes are great for chimps in general, but we have reason to believe that Annie is allergic to them.
  • No meat, dairy, or eggs – The chimps at CSNW get plenty of protein from nuts, seeds, beans, and primate chow.
  • Very limited grains and processed food – The chimps do get treats from time to time, but we try to stick to fresh foods and whole grains as much as possible. Acceptable grains and processed foods include whole grain pasta, brown rice, quinoa, and old-fashioned oats.

Variety is just as important when it comes to enrichment. We try to give them a little bit of everything, but for their safety, we follow these guidelines. Please note that these rules have changed over the years as we have observed the chimps interacting with different types of enrichment. Please also note that these rules apply to CSNW only and that other facilities must make their own determination as to what is safe for the particular chimpanzees in their care.

  • No glass, wire, metal, large staples, or sharp edges
  • No batteries or battery operated toys (even when the batteries are removed)
  • No soft/flexible rubber, latex, soft/thin plastic, or foam, or styrofoam
  • No small beads or beans in stuffed toys
  • No tape
  • No paintbrushes with metal tips
  • No etch-a-sketches
  • No needle point
  • No pens
  • No ribbon or string
  • In addition,
    • All art supplies must be labeled as "nontoxic"
    • Inedible objects between 1/2" and 2" (i.e., between the size of a raisin and a clementine) pose a risk if ingested. Therefore, we screen out these object from the chimps' enrichment. This includes objects inside of toys that could be accessed by the chimps if the toy was broken open.

We understand that these guidelines are restrictive and may be difficult to follow. If you have any questions about an item that you would like to donate, please feel free to contact us.

You can also earmark a monetary gift towards enrichment so that the staff can purchase acceptable items.

Thanks so much for your support – and keep those donations coming! As you can see from the blog, the chimps' lives are enriched each day by your generous gifts.

Distribute Promotional Materials

Contact Diana if you would like to distribute print materials.

Thanks to Loudmouse Graphic Design and Sappi Ideas that Matter we have amazing new promotional print materials.

Foxie postcard Foxie postcard back

The Sappi Ideas that Matter grant enabled us to print and distribute thousands of postcards like the Foxie card above (a different design for each chimpanzee).

Plus 4- panel brochures:

brochures brochure inside


12-page booklets:

booklet booklet spread

And Posters:



Seattle's Poster Giant learned of our project and donated their services by hanging 100 posters of Negra at various businesses in Seattle.

negraposter2 Negraposter1 negraposter3


We also have small but very effective "calling cards," printed by W.I.G.T., available through our online store.

callingcardjody1 callingcardback

Contact Diana if you would like calling cards, brochures, booklets or 18x24in posters to distribute or if you have other promotional ideas.

Help Us Fundraise

Interested in holding your own fundraising events or initiatives or helping with CSNW sponsored events? Email us at with your ideas.

Designate your purchases for the chimps

Just remember to always sign in to when you shop on amazon! Learn more here.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Buy and Sell on eBay for Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest!

Here’s how:


You can find whatever you're looking for on eBay – from books to clothes to new cars and more. You can get a great deal and support the chimpanzees at the same time through our membership in the eBay Giving Works program.

Shop now - find current listings on ebay that support Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest


You can also support us when you sell on eBay. Just designate our organization to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list something great. Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our critical work while you’re at it! Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees.

Sell now to support Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Use your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Give to the Sanctuary

Fred Meyer Rewards


Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give.

Here’s how the program works:

*Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest at You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number: 88321.

*Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, you are helping Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest earn a donation!

*You still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you do today.

*If you do not have a Rewards Card, they are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.

*For more information, please visit


Wish List

Jamie with a boot

View our wishlist


Thank you for wanting to send gifts to the chimpanzees!


We have fairly strict guidelines when in comes to items that we give the chimps, based on what we've observed with our group, so please refer to the link for our amazon wishlist above for approved gift items.

If you're curious, see Guidelines for Gifts to see what we avoid giving the chimpanzees.  


We also welcome gift certificates to Safeway, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Lowes, and Office Max.

Boots (without foam padding), troll and Dora the Explorer dolls are also welcome!    

Our shipping address is: PO Box 952, Cle Elum, WA 98922 (we can accept large boxes to that address).



Caring for chimpanzees is a lot of work. Our small staff is supported by a large team of dedicated volunteers who give freely of their time and energy to help provide the chimpanzees with the happy life they deserve.

Our most consistent need is for volunteers to work on-site in the chimp house, helping with the wide range of tasks required to maintain a clean, safe, and enriching home for the chimps. Our chimp house volunteer program is divided into three levels. Prospective volunteers can apply to begin at either Level I or Level II; long-term Level II volunteers with an excellent record may apply to move to Level III, though acceptance into Level III training is not guaranteed.


Level I Chimp House Volunteers


Level I volunteers


Tasks: include washing produce, doing laundry, preparing enrichment and meals, and doing other kitchen tasks as needed. Requirements: include one afternoon shift per month for a minimum of six months, an annual TB test, and a seasonal flu shot (or face mask). Limitations: Level I volunteers do not interact with the chimpanzees.



Level II Chimp House Volunteers


level II volunteers


Tasks: In addition to Level I tasks, Level II volunteers assist in cleaning enclosures. Requirements: include one morning shift per month for a minimum of six months, annual TB test, seasonal flu shot (or face mask), and safety and chimpanzee identification training. Limitations: Level II volunteers do not interact with the chimpanzees.



Level III Chimp House Volunteers


level II volunteer


Tasks: In addition to Level I & II tasks, Level III volunteers serve meals and engage in protected physical and non-physical interactions with the chimpanzees. Requirements: Three 5-hour shifts per month for a minimum of one year, annual TB test, seasonal flu shot, 25 hours of safety and husbandry training spanning two to six months. Limitations: Volunteers begin Level III training by invitation only; positions are extremely limited.


If you can't make the long-term, monthly commitment required for chimp house volunteering, there are other ways to volunteer! Help us plan fundraising events, build climbing structures for the chimps, or lend your professional skills - see the General Application below for more info.


Level I Chimp House Application

Level II Chimp House Application

General Application (for positions not in the chimp house)


Questions? Email our Volunteer Coordinator at


Please note: Our need for volunteers varies. If we do not currently need volunteers in the area you're interested in, we'd be happy to keep your application on file for the future!


As a 501c3 charity, the chimpanzees at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest rely on donations from people like you.

We've been able to do a lot in a short amount of time because we use income very efficiently, we take advantage of many in-kind donations, we utilize volunteers in every aspect of the organization, and we keep our expenses low. Your donation will go far with us!

Ways to Give:

Mail a check
Sponsor a Day
Become a Chimpanzee Pal
Get a Personalized Stone for yourself or a loved one
Transfer Stock

Benefits of your gift
Information about your secure, tax-deductible contribution


Mail a check

Make checks payable to Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW and mail to the following address:
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, PO Box 952, Cle Elum, WA 98922

Sponsor a Day

You can sponsor a day of sanctuary for just $100. You pick the day! Give in your own name or as a tribute to someone else. We'll be sure to mention your day on the blog. Just fill out the Sponsor a Day online donation form specifying your chosen day or let us know the day when you send your check. It's as easy as that!


Pal BananaBecome a Chimpanzee Pal

You can choose to be a Chimpanzee Pal to any of the Cle Elum Seven - Negra, Jody, Jamie, Foxie, Annie, Missy, or Burrito. Pal sponsorships make great gifts!

Chimpanzee Pals can contribute $240 for a year of sponsorship, or a recurring $20 per month. Pals receive great benefits, too! See the Chimpanzee Pal page for more information about this program or go straight to the  Chimpanzee Pal donation form.

Personalized Stones

   walkway and Jamie     Monica stone     

Participate in this fundraising program by memorializing or honoring a loved one and have a stone placed in the Dr. Mel Richardson Memorial Walkway near the chimpanzees' outdoor habitat. Learn more here.


Transfer Stock

You can easily transfer stock to the sanctuary. Just provide your broker with this information:

TD Ameritrade
PO Box 2209
Omaha, NE 68103-2209
DTC: 0188

EIN: 68-0552915
Chimpanzee Retirement Sanct NW
PO Box 952
Cle Elum, WA 98922



Your generosity helps provide the chimpanzees at the sanctuary with quality care from experienced and knowledgable caregivers and allows us to continue to advocate for all chimpanzees. As a thank you gift and as a way to help you learn more about the chimpanzees in our care, we provide photos of the chimpanzees along with a mailed acknowledgement. And we offer personalized benefits for large donations. If you have any questions about your donation or benefit gifts, please contact Diana.

Information about your secure, tax-deductible donation

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of Washington and your donation is tax-deductible. Our federal tax id (EIN) is: 68-0552915.

Online contributions are entered through Salsa Labs and payment is securely processed through

You will receive a tax receipt by email immediately after making an online donation. For the convenience of online donations, we pay processing fees - please consider rounding up your online contribution by 3% to help us get the full value of your donation.

If you mail a check, you will receive a tax receipt by mail.

For additional information regarding the organization's activities or financial information, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is registered with the Washington State Charities Program as required by law. Information may be obtained by calling 800-332-4483 or 360-725-0378.

For further questions, please contact the sanctuary: or 509-699-0728. We would be happy to answer any of your questions about donating.

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