Chimp Sanctuary


Born 1973 in the wild

Negra began her life in the forests of Africa and was captured there as an infant. The majority of her 30+ years have been spent in biomedical research laboratories. She was used in hepatitis vaccine research and as a "breeder." She is a strong individual with a unique personality and has been called the queen of the Cle Elum Seven chimpanzees. Negra enjoys the sheets and blankets that are provided to her at the sanctuary and she has a nightly ritual of sitting up on a ledge and completely covering herself with a blanket. She stays like this for a few minutes, then peeks her face out so that the blanket is wrapped around her body and head like a hooded poncho.


Learn more about Negra's history and see before and after photos on Negra's Eyes on Apes page.


Negra's current 40 Pals: Angelea Albert; Anonymous (x2); Monica Best; Althea and Ahmad Dani; Vivian Bekiaris; Ari Biernoff; Stacey Bradley; Joseph Garza in memory of Carlene K. Olsen-Garza; Marilyn Glasgow in memory of Brandy; Hope Ferdowsian; Lori Gruen; Jamie and Rachel Guined; Katy Hanson; Alice Hardison; Humphrey; Kathleen Klueh; Therese Kranz; Rebecca Lasell; Julie Lawell; Rita Laws; Judy Love Fischer; Elizabeth List; Meg Lunnum; Diane Mattis; Syd and Diane Marcus; Donna Mensching; Sheri Mudri in memory of Bob Mudri; Jacqueline Quail; Dori Ribeiro de Oliveira; Emily Ruch; Jessica Senekal-Guyett; Sarah Simpson; Delores Thibodeaux; Barbara and Jerry Thompson; Irene Van Nostrand; Stone Weinstock; Patty Wilkerson