Chimp Sanctuary


Born 1975, possibly in the wild

Jody was used primarily for breeding during her years of use by the biomedical research industry, and had a total of nine babies during this time. In between her pregnancies, the industry managed to also use her in hepatitis vaccine research. Jody enthusiastically greets her sanctuary caregivers in the morning and likes to be gently groomed by them. She is thought to be the second in command next to Jamie, occasionally vying for the top position. Jody likes to make nests out of the blankets, sheets, clothes, and magazines that are provided to her at the sanctuary. In fact, she gathers as many of these as she can find and makes huge nests -- sometimes with fifteen or more blankets at a time.


Learn more about Jody's history and see before and after photos on Jody's Eyes on Apes page.


Jody's current 36 Pals: Anonymous (x3); Ross and Karen Barde; Vivian Bekiaris; Monica Best; Trenatty Blackwell; Debbie Bloom; Phoebe Brunzell; Karen Bugni; Walter Bush; Laura Buzard and Jeff Smith in memory of Doris Dwyer; Larry and Sharon Clinton; Martha Faulkner; Hope Ferdowsian; Carole Galuska; Andy Gray; Lisa and Crystal Grillo; Chris Gossard and Lee Ann Johnson; Katy Hanson; Bonnie and Kevin Kalner; Jill Kinyon; Julie Lawell; Donna Mensching; Gregory McNeill; Sandy Medford-Nelson; Jody Murrie; Nancy Parisi; Debra Redwine; Julia Robertson; Jacque Russo in memory of Joe Russo; Arlene Smith; Dan and Peggy Smith; Barbara Stone, Janet Wilson; and Felix Yaroshevsky.