Chimp Sanctuary


Born 1976 in captivity

Foxie is very curious and watchful, and is careful and deliberate in her movements. She can take a little while to warm up to new people, but is quite playful once she has decided to trust a person. Of her chimpanzee family, she spends the most time with Burrito and Jody. She and Burrito can often be found quietly grooming each other. Prior to her sanctuary life, Foxie was used in hepatitis vaccine research and as a breeder for the biomedical research industry. Foxie had four babies during her years in biomedical research, including a set of twins. All of her children were taken away from her when they were very young - sometimes just days old. Foxie adopted a doll to care for at the sanctuary within a month of her arrival - a Troll doll with bright pink hair. Foxie now has hundreds of dolls thanks to her supporters!

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Learn more about Foxie's history and see before and after photos on Foxie's Eyes on Apes page.


Foxie's current 46 Pals: Anonymous (x2); Scott and Kathryn Baker; Ross and Karen Barde; Vivian Bekiaris; Jordan Bower in memory of Susan T. Olson; Julia Brown; Vienna Catalani; Kathy Cunningham; Kathy & Rob Davis; Lori Dawkins; Rosalinda Jill DeMarco; Brian Freyermuth; Kimberly Fleming; Barbara Fleury; GAbi Ford; Rebecca Ford; Sara Gerard; Jeani Goodrich; Leigh Hardiman; Chris Gossard and Lee Ann Johnson; Katy Hanson; Tracy Headley; Jane Hill; Stephanie Hodges; Nancy Hoffman; Donna & Doreen Hughes; Gabriella Kennedy; Emma Knauf; Jessica Kosie; Julie Lawell; Bonnie Levetin; Connie Lewis; Nathaniel Mylet and Family; Donna Mensching; Scott Renda; Dawn Reynolds; Arlene Smith; Nancy Solitare; Bill Spaetgens; Sue Stanczyk; Monica Stell; Laura and Charlie Stewart; Lisa and Rich Stuverud; Aimee Voelz; and Penelope Yungblut.