Chimp Sanctuary


Born 1983 in a laboratory

Burrito is the youngest chimpanzee and the only male of the group of seven at CSNW. Burrito was kept in a human home during his toddler years, was leased to an "animal act" for two years, then returned to a laboratory where he was used in hepatitis vaccine research. Like most male chimpanzees, Burrito has quite an impressive "display" -- he stands up bipedally and makes himself look large, then finds something to bang on as he runs around. The female chimpanzees get out of his way when he is displaying, and seem to be taking him more seriously now that his displays are amplified in the larger space of the sanctuary. Burrito cannot get enough of all of the food at the sanctuary -- he is excited about everything that is offered to him.


Learn more about Burrito's history and see before and after photos on Burrito's Eyes on Apes page.


Burrito's current 35 Pals: Anonymous; Matthew Annal; Ross and Karen Barde; Laureen Bartfield and Scott Smith; Monica Best; Erin and Elina Cadena; Janet Carroll; James Douglas in memory of Buffy, Angel, Garth, and Yoda Douglas; Andrea Duffield; Hope Ferdowsian; Karina Fiamengo; Kimberly Fleming; Christopher Ford; Chris Gossard and Lee Ann Johnson; Mary Hill; Shelly Horton; Alicia Johnston; Paul Kapsch; Lisa Kaz; Dana Kennedy; Julie Lawell; Hayden & Beckett MacKay; Kristin Mayer; Donna Mensching; Carrie Miller; Jana Mohr-Lone; Julie Olson; Cathy Pfarr; Nicolas Santos; Roni Seabury; Rich and Lisa Stuverud in memory of Linda Vizzare; Kery Shaw; Jennifer Wallace; Jeramiah Wilder; Shelley Winfrey.