Chimp Sanctuary


Born 1974, possibly in the wild

In addition to being used for hepatitis vaccine studies, Annie had seven babies during her years in biomedical research, all of them taken from her and put into research themselves. Annie is a curious chimpanzee who allows others in the group to take leadership. At the sanctuary she enjoys eating fresh vegetables, especially green onions, which she will eat by the handful. Her favorite activity seems to be playing with her best friend Missy. Annie also enjoys lying down in the elaborate beds that she and Missy make. They often lie down near each other to nap.


Learn more about Annie's history and see before and after photos on Annie's Eyes on Apes page.


Annie's current 35 Pals: Jo Anna Arroyo; Anonymous; Mary Beddeson; Ann Beebe; Monica Best; Anthony Blasioli, Jr.; The Bradys; Dean and Sherri Church; Terence Conklin; Julie Conroy; Kathleen Corby; Georgia Cornell; Michele DiMaggio in memory of Alice Tabera; Ally Farley; Susan Feeley; Hope Ferdowsian; Sylvia Gandolfo; Garrick Garms; Chris Gossard and Lee Ann Johnson; Jamie and Rachel Guined; Katy Hanson; Mary Hill; Myra Hofstetter; Linda Kavran; Julie Lawell; Meg Lunnum; Robin Marsicano; Donna Mensching; Sean Palmer; Brandon Reid; Alexandra Robert Gordon; Karla Taylor; Barbara Trainor; Emiko Usui; George White, Jr.