Troll Olympics 2013

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and ARRF Animal Rescue's 3rd Annual Roslyn Olympics - a combination of the Troll Olympics and the Doggie Olympics, was a blast!

2013 Troll Olympic Games:

3-Legged Troll Race - Teams of two will have to balance/squeeze a troll doll between each partner's outside leg. The first team to get to the finish line wins (if the troll falls, the team can put it back and keep going)

Troll Shot Put - Individuals will use a troll doll as a shot put. The person with the farthest throw wins.

Guess the # of Trolls in the Bin - We'll have a bin full of troll dolls and the person who gets the number closest to the correct number of troll dolls will win that event.

Troll Toss - Teams of two will toss a troll doll back and forth, getting further and further apart with each successful toss. The team that gets the furthest apart without dropping their troll will win.

Troll Relay - Teams of two will run a relay race with a troll doll as the baton. The first team to the finish line wins.


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