The Bloggers

Anna is a full time caregiver at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and is in the process of learning more about the daily workings of the sanctuary.  She is looking forward to writing more about her adventures as CSNW’s newest staff member.

Diana is now Co-Director, after working at the sanctuary for years as the Director of Outreach. She works on letting people know about the chimpanzees through the media, social networking sites and other outreachy type stuff. She also coordinates events and fundraising initiatives. The most frequent and most impossible question she gets is “who is your favorite chimpanzee?”

Elizabeth spends several days a week making sure the chimpanzees have a clean, happy, and healthy home. The rest of her time is spent managing the chimp house volunteer program. She could not possibly say which of these jobs she enjoys more.

J.B. is also a Co-Director, after years with the title of Director of Operations. He is in charge of the daily goings-on of the sanctuary itself and making sure the chimps are happy and healthy. His background in construction and general handiness make him our construction and maintenance guru. He now also oversees HR and general oversight of all aspects of the nonprofit. He’s in charge of donations of goods too, so if you’ve sent us anything on our wishlist, you’ve probably received a thank you from him.

Katelyn is the sanctuary’s office manager and a caregiver. She ensures that donors are acknowledged, that the office is in working order, and that the chimpanzees are as happy as can be.

Keri travels from Leavenworth two days a week to care for the chimpanzees. She’s an avid gardener and helps tend to the on-site garden that provides enrichment and food for the chimps. Keri also keeps the chimps enriched in other ways by coming up with fun ideas and maintaining our wishlist.

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