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Thank you, Gabi!

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Today was sponsored by Gabi Ford with the simple, but heartfelt sentiment: “I get so much enjoyment from seeing the Cle Elum 7.”

Gabi, thank you so much for your gift for the chimps and contributing so generously to their lives. I am pretty sure you speak for us all. While we are all here together to ensure the chimps receive as much as possible to thrive and flourish in their lives, it’s incredible to see what a source of hope, love, compassion, inspiration and pure joy they are for so many of us.




Missy and Annie:


Jody relaxing


Take a virtual tour of the sanctuary!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Get the whole picture of what the chimpanzees’ home looks like!

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Today was sponsored by Linda Webber in celebration of her son, Adam Webber’s, birthday! Adam has been a long time friend of the sanctuary and we’re happy to celebrate with him today. Linda shared this note about her gift:

“January 17th is important as it’s my son’s 49th birthday. He volunteered there a few years back, one day a month. It may have been a short time but it was he who introduced me to Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW. I’ve followed for a couple years now. It is an honor to be a part of it in a small way. Thank you so much for what you do.”

Linda, thank you so much for your compassionate gift for the chimpanzees in honor of Adam’s special day! We truly appreciate your generosity and the difference your gift makes in their lives.

Happy Birthday, Adam! We hope it’s the best one yet! Thanks for sharing your day with the chimps and your love for them.


Nice Day for a Walk

Monday, January 15th, 2018

When I arrived at CSNW this morning I was greeted by a nice long kiss by Jamie and breathy pants from the chimps. Jamie gestured for me to put a boot on and she broke into a game of chase. Jamie lead me outside to the greenhouse, where she ran up to door Y and insisted I open it so we could finish our game of chase on Young’s Hill. However, we close off the Hill at night for the chimps and before I can open any door there are checks that I have to do. But, trust me – I got her out there in good time! Today was a pretty mild winter day (which might explain some good moods this morning) and the chimps took full advantage of it. Jamie and Missy spent most of their day on Young’s Hill, and who could blame them! Jamie especially was loving this warmer winter weather! Jamie and I played games of chase inside, games of chase outside, we did countless walks, and spent sometime just sitting outside. Because we were outside for most of the day I was only able to capture a few photos.

Jamie eating some broccoli in her nest:

Missy taking a short break:

Jamie admiring her boots:

Jamie tucked her boots safely in her pelvic pocket; shortly afterwards she gave me those boots to go walk with her:


Happy Birthday, Adrienne!

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Eric Beckley sponsored a day of sanctuary in honor of Adrienne DiCerbo with this lovely message:

“For Adrienne on her Birthday. From Eric and Leo. She briefly volunteered at your sanctuary and loves all your chimps, especially when they are playing, eating, and loving each other.”

Eric thank you for choosing such a kind and compassionate gift for Adrienne and the chimps!

And Adrienne, we so appreciate you sharing your birthday with the chimps and continuing to help ensure that all the chimps’ days are filled with joy, good food to grunt and squeak about, and so much love. We hope it’s the best birthday yet!

Happy Birthday from all of us at CSNW!

A Jamie and Foxie pretzel:

Jamie and Foxie in a Chimpanzee Pretzel

Happy Birthday, Lynn!

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Dawn Garcia and Jo Arroyo sponsored a day of sanctuary for the chimpanzees and one of their (and our!) dear friends, Lynn Williamson! They shared this lovely message about this lovely woman who we are all thrilled to celebrate today:

“Happy Birthday Lynn Williamson! We knew this gift, sponsoring the chimps for a day in your honor, would be exactly what you would want. Lynn has been a dear friend for decades. She was a champion for the Cle Elem Seven upon her very first meeting years ago. She adores them and as a dedicated volunteer, has favorite stories she shares about each one, but we won’t tell if she has a favorite! Lynn has a huge heart for not only the chimpanzees but all animals. She is very compassionate about captive wild animals, doing her part to make them comfortable and enriched. That’s one of the reasons she volunteers with CSNW; DIana, JB and the chimpanzee caregivers ensure the chimps have the best life possible. Lynnie is a gentle soul, loyal, fun and a sometimes silly, best friend. Seattle BFF, enjoy your happy day! with big love, Dawn and Jo”

Thanks, Dawn and Jo, for sponsoring today for the chimps and Lynn! We so appreciate your big, compassionate hearts.

Lynn, we’re so happy to celebrate you today and hope your heart is full of all the good things. Thank you for all you do for our fellow animals of the world. We’re all lucky to have you here. Happiest of birthdays from all the primates at the sanctuary and whether you choose to relax or kick up your heels (or both!) we hope it’s the best one yet!


Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Warmer temperatures and some creative plowing on JB’s part have created a grassy pathway around Young’s Hill. While Jamie has been treating it more like a sidewalk, Missy has made it her own personal race track.

Jamie and the snowshoes

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Well folks, today has been one of those days where capturing photos of the chimps has just not been on their agenda. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t stories to tell.

The chimps have a bare path around snowy and slushy Young’s Hill, courtesy of J.B., and most everyone has been venturing out for walks in our “milder” weather (i.e., above freezing for the most part). But much to our surprise, it’s Jamie who hasn’t been interested in going all the way around the hill. (Missy on the other hand, has been ripping and running around and around!). The last couple of days Jamie seems to have incorporated the lower half of the hill into her games of chase with her caregivers, venturing half way up one side only to turn, run back down and then part way up the other side, back and forth like a pendulum.

Given how excited Jamie’s been over the winter footwear and seeing what the humans’ Yaktrax look like on her own boots, I decided to take it to the next level and see what she would think of seeing her boots in snowshoes, which we don’t think she’s seen before. Here is Jamie’s favorite new boot getting strapped in as she watches:

Suffice to say, Jamie was beside herself! Hair standing on end (polo-erect), eyes glued to her boots, hooting and low moaning and generally flailing about in excitement. Of course she immediately raced outside to play chase up and down the small slope seemingly mesmerized that HER boots were snowshoeing. Kelsi and I tried and tried to get photos of her, but I think she was so overwhelmed she didn’t have time to participate in a photo shoot. So outside of this photo of Jamie flailing (I recognize it’s hard to see, but she is waving her arms and hands about as she looks at her boot), you’ll have to take our word for it:

Jamie immediately ran outside making sure I was following and after about an hour of chase inside, outside, through the greenhouse, up the hill, down the hill (with frequent stops to check out her boot), she decided she was ready to have her snow covered boots (sans snowshoes, of course). As soon as she received them she hugged them to her for a moment, looked at them as if they (and perhaps by extension, she?) had just been on the most amazing adventure ever, and then hurried off to build a nest with them.

For years it was very uncommon to see Jamie actually sleep when she nested. Some part of her always remained on alert and if the rare occasion occurred where her eyes closed, it didn’t take much for them to spring back open. Only in the last year or two has she begun to fully relax enough to fall asleep. So to see her covered up with her blankets, surrounded by her beloved boots and favorite new boot book, sound asleep holds so much more meaning than just how cozy and adorable she looks like this. Even if brief (she’s a busy woman after all), she finally feels safe enough to fully let go and fall into a deep slumber. Perhaps dreaming of snowshoeing her way around Young’s Hill…

Not Your Typical Day

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Today was not our typical lazy Sunday at CSNW. After the chimps received access to the Hill everyone was out with Jamie, well everyone except Negra… Foxie was especially gleeful this morning. Foxie invited staff Caregiver Katelyn for a fun game of flip and hang upside down while tickling her with her doll, which I mean who could say no to that! Foxie is always playful and has the craziest moves, but today she put it all out on the dance floor. Check out the video to see Foxie’s moves.

Bonus photos of Foxie on Young’s Hill yesterday (photo credit to Diana, they were just to good to not share):