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Four Reasons to HOOT!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Here are four reasons to join us at HOOT! on May 13th at Sodo Park in Seattle.

These photos were taken today as the chimpanzees explored and enjoyed their home. Take a moment on this Earth Day to appreciate their happiness.

Their sanctuary life is only possible with the support of so many people out there, and our annual gala plays a big role in raising funds for their care and our exciting plans for the future.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to HOOT! yet, don’t delay – buy them now! If you are unable to attend, we’ll miss you, but you can still take part by making a donation. We’ll also have just a few items available for bidding online – details coming soon.


hoot logo


Annie eating fresh spring grass:

annie eating grass


Burrito taking a brief break from foraging for lunch:

handsome burrito


This is a very contented face on Jamie:

Jamie happily sitting


Jody has the best drooped lip face!

Jody with drooped lip

Happy Earth Day! Thank you for helping us grow!





For Earth Day and the chimpanzees!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

This day was sponsored by Debbie Bloom in honor of the chimpanzees and this beautiful Earth we all share. She shares this lovely message about today:

“In honor of Earth Day it seems appropriate to celebrate all of these beautiful creatures. They bring such joy and intrigue into our lives – especially mine. I only wish that I could read their minds.” 

Debbie, on this day in which we’re given a special opportunity to honor and celebrate this amazing earth, and to protect and preserve all we cherish, we love that you’ve chosen to include the chimps. Thank you so much for honoring the special individuals they are and all they bring to our lives just by being themselves.

There is so much to love on this earth. Especially these seven chimpanzees. Safe, thriving and loved in a beautiful world to call their own, thanks to each of you.








Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Today’s day of sanctuary was sponsored by Janet Annal in honor of her son, Matthew Annal! Janet shared this message about today:

“Happy belated birthday! Matthew is a chimp aficionado and spreads information with his chimpanzee puppet. He was able to visit CSNW several years ago to get to know the chimps better and make sure he represents them accurately. Way to go, Matt!!”

Janet, thank you for choosing to celebrate Matthew’s special day by making a difference for the chimpanzees! What a generous thing to do.

Matthew, we hope you have the best birthday yet! Thank you so much for caring about chimpanzees and for all the work you do to share your passion and information with others. Happy Birthday from all of us at CSNW!

Burrito loves a good party (as long as there’s plenty of food, of course):

Burrito with streamers

You Can’t Please Everyone

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Burrito is more popular in some circles than in others. As a rule, humans adore him while his chimp family merely tolerates him. On a daily basis, Burrito terrorizes the six female chimps he lives with by charging through the chimp house in loud and intimidating dominance displays. Burrito’s just doing what male chimps do, but that argument doesn’t hold much water with the ladies who have to live with him.

Despite all that, there’s something endearingly innocent about him. He feels his emotions deeply. While not the most socially savvy person, he tries hard to fit in, and he doesn’t always understand why the other chimps are upset with him. He loves and trusts his caregivers without reservation, even though humans have not been kind to him in the past. He loves a gentle game of tug of war with his human friends, and he greets every meal like a kid on Christmas morning.

Close Grooming Among… Friends?

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Last week, I witnessed an intimate grooming session between an unlikely pair – Jamie and Burrito.

We’ve written many times on this blog about the importance of social grooming among chimpanzees. Jamie is a bit unusual, well, in many ways, but in particular with grooming. She is not seen grooming the other chimpanzees very often, and they are not often seen grooming her. This is all the more unusual because of her boss (or maybe the more appropriate term is “bossy”) status within the group.

Her relationship with Burrito is not a close friendship. I describe Jamie as treating Burrito like an annoying little brother. They do hang out together, and sometimes groom each other, but usually not for long periods of time.

Jamie is most interested in the human activity around the chimp house, and she likes to groom her human caregivers, though she doesn’t usually request that we groom her in exchange. So, when I think of Jamie engaged in social grooming, this is what I picture:

Jamie with tool grooming JB


Last week, however, this is what I witnessed:

(Jamie on the left and Burrito on the right)

Jamie & Burrito 1


Jamie & Burrito 2


Jamie & Burrito 4


Jamie & Burrito 5


Jamie & Burrito 6


Jamie & Burrito 7


This went on for quite a long time. I’m not sure how long because, after taking several photos, I decided to quietly depart the area and leave them to their grooming.

Being a removed observer of these moments between the chimpanzees, when they are wholly engaged in their interactions with each other and do not care whatsoever what I am doing, is what makes me most happy as a sanctuary caregiver.


Case Files, Part 3

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Part 1
Part 2

Name: Missy
Nicknames: Miss, Dr. Missy, Lil’ Bigfoot
Age: 41
Birthday: August 23rd
Role: The Deputy
Personality: loyal, energetic, thrill-seeking
What She Would Save in a Fire: the garden tomatoes
Likes: daredevil acrobatics, tending to her friends’ wounds, social cohesion
Dislikes: having her photo taken, green peppers, sitting still

Name: Annie
Nickname: Annie Banannie
Age: 42
Birthday: September 10th
Role: The Lowest in the Hierarchy
Personality: sweet, gentle, sassy
What She Would Save in a Fire: her BFF Missy
Likes: fresh spring grass, men, bare human feet
Dislikes: being wronged, Burrito’s displays, losing track of Missy’s whereabouts

Case Files, Part 2

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Part 1 here.

Name: Jody
Nicknames: Jo, JoJo
Age: 41
Birthday: Mother’s Day
Role: The Mom/The Manager
Personality: independent, earnest, caring
What She Would Save in a Fire: her chimp family
Likes: comfort, warm greetings, wild plants
Dislikes: tomato seeds, dinosaur and snake toys, disorder

Name: Negra
Nicknames: Neg, Neggie
Age: 43
Birthday: June 13th
Role: The Queen/The Grandma
Personality: regal, imperious, grumpy
What She Would Save in a Fire: her blankets
Likes: peanuts, sunshine, naps
Dislikes: drama, wind, cantaloupe

Case Files

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Name: Jamie
Nicknames: James, Boss Lady
Age: 39
Birthday: October 31st
Role: The Boss
Personality: intense, smart, watchful
What She Would Save in a Fire: her cowboy boot collection
Likes: law and order, long walks, pears
Dislikes: disobedience, boredom, unpredictability

Name: Foxie
Nicknames: Fox, Tiny
Age: 41
Birthday: August 8th
Role: The Peacekeeper
Personality: cautious, joyful, silly
What She Would Save in a Fire: her doll collection
Likes: fruit smoothies, backflips, bubblegum pop songs
Dislikes: green veggies, conflict, anything new

Name: Burrito
Nicknames: B, Mr. B, Bub
Age: 34
Birthday: January 6th
Role: The Obnoxious Little Brother
Personality: goofy, playful, socially awkward
What He Would Save in a Fire: all of the food in the fridge
Likes: eating, playing with caregivers, causing mischief
Dislikes: non-mealtimes, getting in trouble with the other chimps for causing mischief

Negra loves corn on the cob

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Watch and listen:


A Queen’s Eye View

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

This morning Negra chose a window seat in which to enjoy her sweet, crunchy apple. From this vantage point she can look out over the driveway to see who might be coming and going, and she can keep an eye on the caregiver house on the property.