The impersonator

April 19th, 2017 by Anna

When we train new volunteers and interns to identify the Cle Elum 7, we emphasize the importance of ignoring circumstantial evidence. Does that chimp have a blanket over their head? Yes. Who likes to cover themselves with blankets? Negra! If we see a chimpanzee covering themselves with a blanket can we positively ID that chimp as Negra? Absolutely not!
Exhibit A:

Negra sits next to a covered up Missy, aka Fake Neggie

Today I caught this “Fake Foxie” impersonator out on Young’s Hill. Let’s test your identification skills!

HOOT! Sponsors Jennifer & David Roers

April 19th, 2017 by Diana

Today is the third in a serious of blog post celebrating sponsors of the HOOT! 2017 Spring Fling gala.

Past posts celebrated Tracy Headley and Pam Lehnert & Marc Warner.

Today is all about Jen and Dave Roers!


You may recognize the names Jennifer and David Roers because they have made challenge donations to the gala for the past few years, which have helped inspire others to give. Their Chimpanzee Champion+ sponsorship donation this year is also a challenge to encourage others to donate towards the event. So please do learn more about individual and corporate sponsorship levels!

I sent a few questions to Jen and Dave about how they became involved in Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and why they are supporters.

Here is Jen’s answer:

Dave and I first became aware of Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW when Dave saw a flyer at work.  Once we learned about the chimpanzees, we were hooked!  To see the Cle Elum Seven change and progress from their arrival to today is amazing.  The chimps have so much resilience and can teach humans a little something about compassion and forgiveness.  We’re also inspired by the passionate and enduring efforts of the humanimals at the sanctuary. CSNW draws the best of humanity whether it be staff, volunteers, or supporters.  It’s an honor to be a small part of it.

I work for and Dave volunteers at Pasado’s Safe Haven, where we work to end animal cruelty.  Pasado’s has a unique relationship with CSNW as a couple of the chimps’ caregivers work at Pasado’s!  These folks are truly special.  Dave and I recently went on the Ester the Wonder Pig Cruise and volunteered at a donkey sanctuary in Aruba (that’s where they were in the photo abovve).  It was one of the highlights of the entire trip.  It’s pretty obvious that caring for and protecting animals has become the focus of our lives.  In addition, we are the proud humans of 3 beautiful cats.

Here are some fun photos of them at Pasado’s:

Big thanks to Jennifer and David for all you have done to make change and progress possible for chimpanzees and other animals. You make my world a better place, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with you on May 13th at HOOT!

Last summer, when Negra ventured further out onto Young’s Hill than she’s gone before, that was due to the support of you both, and all of the Negra fans out there.

A perfect spot

April 18th, 2017 by Anna

If you are Jamie, your perfect spot at the sanctuary is out on Young’s Hill performing a perimeter patrol.

If you’re Missy, you are also out on Young’s Hill, just moving at light speed!

If you’re Annie, your favorite spot is on a high platform with the sun on your face (with Missy close by of course).

If you’re Foxie, your perfect spot is anywhere you can take your favorite doll.

If you’re Jody, your favorite spot is right in the middle of a giant nest being groomed by your friends.

If you’re Negra, your favorite spot is the coziest, most sun-filled area you can possibly find.

And if you’re Burrito, your favorite spot isn’t as important as making sure your mouth and hands are both full of food at the exact same time!

Happy Birthday, Matt!

April 18th, 2017 by Katelyn

A day of celebration and sanctuary was sponsored by Sharon Langone in honor of her husband, Matt! Sharon shared this wonderful message about today:

“I’d like to sponsor a day in honour of my husband Matt whose birthday is 18th April. It’s also our anniversary, married 9 years! We both love the chimps and one of the highlights of our day is checking the blog to see what the gang has been up to.”  

So much to celebrate! Matt, we hope this is the happiest birthday yet for you!

Sharon, thank you so much for sponsoring such a special day for your family and including the chimpanzees, we’re so touched! And Happy Anniversary to you both from all of us here at CSNW! Have a wonderful day!

Good friends, Burrito and Jody:

Easter 2017 Part II

April 17th, 2017 by Katelyn

The day after the big celebration the chimpanzees have been napping, resting and eating light, recovering from yesterday’s all day party! As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, here are a few photos from the first Young’s Hill forage of the year (aka Easter Party #2):

Annie picking carrots we “buried” for the chimps to harvest:

Jody and Negra (Negra was ALL over the place! It was her day 🙂 ):

Jody finds a quiet spot to enjoy her spoils:

Missy scored on corn:

Foxie and Dora on the hunt for Easter eggs filled with nuts and berries:

Boss lady, Jamie, thrilled with her beloved leeks:

And a bonus video of Easter shenanigans from the breakfast forage:

Today is for Nicole Moore!

April 17th, 2017 by Katelyn

This day of sanctuary was sponsored by Caralene Fleming and Hanna Moore in honor of Nicole Moore! We are always touched by the circle of love that surrounds the chimpanzees and all the ways in which they are made even more special and included in the celebrations of those who love them.

Hanna shared this lovely message for Nicole’s special day: “For Nicole’s birthday she wanted to sponsor a day for her best buddies. She checks in on the chimps every day and they always bring a smile to her face. She cares so much for animals and people and a few years ago these chimps were the latest to steal her heart. She is so excited to get to come visit this summer and hopes that her pals have a great day on her birthday.”

Caralene and Hanna, thank you so much for generously sponsoring today for Nicole and the chimps! And Nicole, thank you for sharing your love of the chimps and for all you bring to their lives. All of us here at CSNW hope you have a beautiful, happy birthday!

Beautiful Jamie:


Happy Easter!

April 16th, 2017 by Katelyn

Party! Forage! Easter egg hunt! Rest! Repeat! This has been a beautiful and peaceful Easter Sunday here at the chimp house, but that said, it’s also been a day of non-stop celebration and relaxation for the chimps. Their day started off with a breakfast forage in the greenhouse consisting of Easter baskets filled with Easter grass (lettuce), strawberries, blackberries, clementines and watermelon. They also had Easter egg hunt #1 and gift bags filled with pistachios:

And this has been Queen Negra’s day! She’s been the first to show up at all three parties today and had been all over the place! She was so excited as we set up breakfast in the greenhouse as she watched from the playroom window:

And she found one of everything and the perfect spot to sit and enjoy it all:

Burrito enjoying his basket in classic Burrito style…

…head first:

Foxie enjoyed her basket and was smitten with her new Dora doll:

Jamie was all over the place and at one point we saw her climbing up to the top of the greenhouse carrying at least three Easter baskets, but we managed to catch her briefly:

Missy found a gift bag:

The chimps also had some wonderful handmade pinatas from a good friend of theirs and we’ve been giving them a few for special occasions. Burrito was completely in love with this one and carried it EVERYWHERE for the entire morning:

As the breakfast party wound down, Annie contemplated building a nest right in the middle of it all:

And so she did:

Jody managed to get to the top of the greenhouse where Jamie had left her stash of Easter baskets so was out of sight of the camera for the breakfast party, but believe me, she had a good time!

The chimps spent the rest of the morning racing around Young’s Hill and resting up for their Easter lunch forage and Easter egg hunt #2 on Young’s Hill. The weather was perfect chimp weather in the 50’s and it’s the first forage on the hill this year which was pretty exciting for us all! We’ll have photos of the rest of the celebration tomorrow!

But in the meantime, we’ll leave you with party #3 and the chimps’ Easter dinner. They enjoyed roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, onions, and red peppers topped with a smidgen of avocado and accompanied by a 2017 wild berry tea:

Burrito was okay with party #3:

Here he is looking for evening enrichment (tonight it was peanuts in Boomer Balls, wrapped in scarves):

And Missy:

However you celebrate Easter, or whether or not you choose to, we hope you all enjoyed a day as beautiful, peaceful and joyful as you all have made possible for the chimps. We are so full of gratitude to each of you for filling their days with hope, love and excitement.

Pine Cones with Peanut Butter

April 15th, 2017 by Diana

One of the challenges that we have at our particular sanctuary is that we have one individual who tends to claim highly-prized food items that are meant for everyone.

Pine cones with peanut butter, one of our evening enrichment items, are are a good example.

We make extra before spreading them around in an attempt to ensure that everyone can get at least one. Sometimes the other chimpanzees choose to leave them in favor of other food if they are part of a dinner forage, like they were last night. No matter what, though, Jamie tends to end up with more than her share…


Jamie hoarding pine cones


She does really, really appreciate them, though:

pine cone contemplation

Jamie lips to pine cone

Jamie eating a pine cone

Jamie eating pine cone 2

More tomatoes please!

April 14th, 2017 by Anna

Missy is good at communicating her top lunch priority with caregivers.

Ok… Now it’s spring!

April 13th, 2017 by Anna

It’s not officially spring in Cle Elum until Negra eats her first handful of fresh green grass on Young’s Hill.