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8th Annual Love a Chimpanzee Day

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

We love made-up holidays around here (holiday = party for the chimps). For the last 8 years, the chimps’ good friend Monica Best has sponsored April 23rd as Love a Chimpanzee Day. (It also happens to be Monica’s birthday!) Unless you’ve followed our blog for awhile, you probably haven’t heard of Love a Chimpanzee Day; that’s because it didn’t exist until Monica dreamed it up.

To celebrate CSNW’s 8th Annual Love a Chimpanzee Day, we decided to throw a luau party, because there’s never a bad time to throw a luau party for chimps you love. The chimps enjoyed a feast of bananas, oranges, fruit smoothie, and pineapple coconut water for breakfast in the greenhouse.



(Burrito was especially happy to see former volunteer caregiver Stephanie, who stopped by for a visit!)





(Annie really had lounging down to an art today…)

Thanks as always to Monica for conceiving of and sponsoring this delightful holiday (and happy birthday)!

HOOT! Sponsors Jennifer & David Roers

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Today is the third in a serious of blog post celebrating sponsors of the HOOT! 2017 Spring Fling gala.

Past posts celebrated Tracy Headley and Pam Lehnert & Marc Warner.

Today is all about Jen and Dave Roers!


You may recognize the names Jennifer and David Roers because they have made challenge donations to the gala for the past few years, which have helped inspire others to give. Their Chimpanzee Champion+ sponsorship donation this year is also a challenge to encourage others to donate towards the event. So please do learn more about individual and corporate sponsorship levels!

I sent a few questions to Jen and Dave about how they became involved in Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and why they are supporters.

Here is Jen’s answer:

Dave and I first became aware of Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW when Dave saw a flyer at work.  Once we learned about the chimpanzees, we were hooked!  To see the Cle Elum Seven change and progress from their arrival to today is amazing.  The chimps have so much resilience and can teach humans a little something about compassion and forgiveness.  We’re also inspired by the passionate and enduring efforts of the humanimals at the sanctuary. CSNW draws the best of humanity whether it be staff, volunteers, or supporters.  It’s an honor to be a small part of it.

I work for and Dave volunteers at Pasado’s Safe Haven, where we work to end animal cruelty.  Pasado’s has a unique relationship with CSNW as a couple of the chimps’ caregivers work at Pasado’s!  These folks are truly special.  Dave and I recently went on the Ester the Wonder Pig Cruise and volunteered at a donkey sanctuary in Aruba (that’s where they were in the photo abovve).  It was one of the highlights of the entire trip.  It’s pretty obvious that caring for and protecting animals has become the focus of our lives.  In addition, we are the proud humans of 3 beautiful cats.

Here are some fun photos of them at Pasado’s:

Big thanks to Jennifer and David for all you have done to make change and progress possible for chimpanzees and other animals. You make my world a better place, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with you on May 13th at HOOT!

Last summer, when Negra ventured further out onto Young’s Hill than she’s gone before, that was due to the support of you both, and all of the Negra fans out there.

HOOT! Sponsor Tracy Headley

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

This is the second in a series of blog posts highlighting sponsors of the HOOT! 2017 Spring Fling gala. You can see the first in the series here.

We are sharing HOOT! 2017 sponsors so everyone can get to know the people behind the generosity.

So, today is all about Tracy!

Tracy Headley is a Happy Hour Sponsor, which is fitting, because she brings happiness to us at the sanctuary.

She first became involved with Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest when her friend Shawn (on the left in the photo above) invited Tracy and her partner Bruce (on the right in the photo) to the sanctuary. Shawn had won a visit to CSNW at another auction and thought Tracy and Bruce would be interested in joining him. In Tracy’s words, “That day started my love affair with seven unique and wonderful chimps.”

In more of her words, Tracy shares what that love affair has been all about:

The blog posts have allowed me to watch the chimps grow to live a life closer to what they should have lived all along.  This past year I have delighted in watching Annie, at 42 years old, discover her moxie. To see the look on her beautiful & serene face as she explores Young’s Hill-joy!  I have learned so much about chimps, and these seven in particular, from the wonderful blog posts.

Tracy is generous throughout the year, always giving donations for chimpanzee birthdays and other fundraising drives, but here is why Tracy specifically chooses to support sanctuary events with her donations:

This is our 5th year attending, and 4th year as a sponsor.  I try to budget for HOOT!, and my sponsorship is part of my budget.  It allows me to give some of my donation early, hoping that it can help with some of the party planning costs.  Plus, it is the best party of the year.

I asked Tracy who her favorite chimpanzee is, and I just love her answer:

I want to be more like Foxie.  She is fun, silly, intuitive, and a loyal friend.  I LOVE Foxie. Really there is something to love and admire about all seven.  I think I am more like Jody.  I like things orderly, and I care deeply about the well being of my family and friends. 

Here’s a photo of Foxie and Jody out exploring together.

We agree, Tracy does care deeply about the well being of her friends, and that shows in the support that she has given to the sanctuary over the years.

Thank you, Tracy, for being such a great friend to all of the chimpanzees and the humans at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest!

Winter Adventures

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

The sun came out this morning and the chimpanzees eagerly ventured outside for some snow.

I’m pretty sure that Jody was feeling the love from her new Chimpanzee Pals!




Thank you to everyone who is an existing or new Chimpanzee Pal and to everyone who has made a Share the Chimp Love donation so far!


Here’s Missy with Jody behind her:



And here’s Foxie with Annie behind her. The path through the snow makes it a single file adventure:

Foxie and Annie

Foxie & Annie


We understand that Dr. Elliott Sumers, whose birthday is tomorrow, and his family are experiencing their own winter adventures. We hope they had fun in the snow today too!




Lunch Forage

Friday, February 10th, 2017

The chimps would like to wish an early happy birthday to a not-so-secret admirer. Dr. Elliott Sumers has a birthday coming up in a couple of days and his wife Anne made a generous donation in his honor.

We’ll have an “official” celebration on Sunday, but wanted to start by sharing some photos of the chimps enjoying lunch in the greenhouse from today. We had a bit of a break from the winter weather and the sun was strong midday. The chimpanzees, as you can see, definitely appreciated it.





Guess who?:








The first sponsored day of 2017!

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Can you believe it? It’s actually 2017!

A new day of a new year – fresh and waiting for what is to come.

Friend of the sanctuary Kathleen, who has donated her amazing graphic design talents on many projects for the sanctuary over the last few years, has the unique privilege of having this day in her honor. 

David Guernsey sponsored today in Kathleen’s honor with this message, When asked what Kathleen wanted for Christmas, her reply was a gift to her favorite friends at Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW. January 1st seemed like a fitting day as I know she shares your excitement in the expansion of the sanctuary property. Happy New Year CSNW.

Thank you, David, and thank you, Kathleen for all of the wonderful things that you do for your chimpanzee friends.

Here’s to Hope.Love.Home…Sanctuary for more chimpanzees!

I thought I’d bring back a video in honor of Kathleen from last year of BFFs Missy and Annie, because this kind of love and silliness is what sanctuary is all about:

and some bonus photos of Negra, because… Negra:

Negra standing 2




Cheers to Donors!

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

If you’re signed up for our e-news, you should have received an email yesterday from me about our year-end fundraising goal with a match pledged by our amazingly supportive board of directors, who play the vital role of guidance and oversight for the sanctuary.

As usual, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest donors have exceeded all expectations, and we’ve blown past the original goal of raising $10,000 (NOT including the board’s matching donations!) by midnight tonight.

As I said in the email yesterday, supporters are truly the roots of the sanctuary that allow us to remain strong and grow into the future.

family tree


In celebration of exceeding this year-end fundraising goal (you can still add to the total before midnight tonight), and in anticipation of the exciting year to come, we felt it was appropriate for the chimpanzees to have a toast!


Instead of champagne, we gave them one of their favorite special occasion drinks – sparkling apple cider.


Cheers to everyone!!! Bottoms up!



Jody drinking 1

Jody drinking 2

Jody drinking 3

Jody drinking 4



burrito drinking



Negra drinking 1 Negra drinking 2


We wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!


A New Tradition

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Our second sponsor-a-day today comes from Thom and Judy Nash in honor of their adult kids.

Here’s how this came about, in the the words of Judy, “This year for Christmas our family decided to start a new tradition of making a donation to a shelter or other worthy animal cause rather than exchanging gifts. I’d like to sponsor a day at the sanctuary because I can’t think of a better cause.”

They chose today r because it was Judy’s father’s birthday and thought it would also be the perfect way to finish 2016!

Judy and Thom have been donors for a few years, and we are so pleased to learn more about their family and happy that the chimpanzees can benefit from their big hearts.

We’ve picked out a photo from past parties for each set of the “kid” honorees in celebration of ringing in the new year.


Annie for Chelsey & Aaron:


Burrito for Christin & Paul:


Missy for Brook & Dan:


and Jody, worn out after a party, for Kayla & Rob:

jody yawning

A Day of Love

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

We have two sponsor-a-days for this last day of 2016!

The first is a Christmas contribution from Jim and Kim Horton’s family in honor of Vicki Fagerlee, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother (Grams).

Vicki was the winning bidder of the sought-after behind-the-scenes visit and volunteer opportunity that we had in our end of summer online auction. She flew over several states to make the trip, and we had the best day at the end of September telling her stories about the chimpanzees while she prepared their food and enrichment and got to know more about how the sanctuary runs and the personality of the chimpanzees.

Jim and Kim said this, “Her visit there this year was a treasure and she has a special place in her heart for Chimps! We chose New Year’s Eve as day of sponsorship to help the Chimps ring in the New Year! All the best in 2017 and beyond!

Big thanks to Vicki for sharing her love of the chimpanzees with her family and to them for honoring her with a day of sanctuary.

Vicki, your support has put a smile on all of our faces, and your donations this year have truly helped to ring in the new year with hopeful plans for the future. Thank you!

Negra close-up



Chimpanzees playing = your #GivingTuesday thanks!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest supporters have done it again! We initially made it a goal to raise $12,000 today for Giving Tuesday.


Burrito Giving Tuesday

That goal has been surpassed, and we have a new challenge – a supporter at a distance is putting a matching challenge check in the mail for the next $1,000 raised, so I’ve increased the total goal to $15,000.

There’s still eight hours to go before midnight. Can we do it?

I am pretty sure that the video at the end of this post that Anna took today of the chimpanzees playing will inspire you to donate if you haven’t already and will also hopefully inspire you to share this post so more people know about our new goal.

We’ve been inspired all day by the messages that have come in with donations. This recent comment really summed it all up (thank you!): What makes my heart soar is “Knowing that Annie, Burrito, Foxie, Jaime, Jody, Missy and Negra are safe, happy, living a full enriching life with companionship and are so very loved! I am so thrilled about the expansion and future retirees that will be joining you soon! Thank you for giving lives back.”

We were also inspired by Mary, a challenge donor earlier in the day who first heard about the sanctuary in 2007 through her daughter who was enrolled in the Primate Behavior program at Central Washington University at the time. Mary helped with the early construction of the chimp house, setting forms in the cold and helping with roof trusses during the windy season. Mary has been a donor ever since, and her generous pledge today helped surpass our goal.

Donor stories make my heart soar!

And chimpanzees playing. Definitely chimpanzees playing.