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Today (and yesterday!) is for Elizabeth List

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Elizabeth List’s dad made a generous Giving Tuesday donation in honor of Elizabeth and wanted to part of that to go towards honor her birthday for a sponsor-a-day.

Unfortunately, I missed posting this yesterday on her actual birthday – so sorry, Elizabeth and dad James! Hopefully, this just means the celebration can continue.

Elizabeth serves on the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest Board of Directors. You may remember seeing her smiling, blurry face in this post about her hosting Jane Goodall for a Seattle Foundation event this fall.

We’re so happy to have Elizabeth as a board member, and we are pleased that we can take part in celebrating her! I happen to know that she finds Burrito irrestible, so here are a few of my favorite photos of that charming guy.

Happy belated b-day, Elizabeth!


Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Jessica Keogh sponsored this day of sanctuary in honor of her boyfriend, Jonathan Londono, and in celebration of his birthday! Jessica shared this message about today:

“I am sponsoring today in honor of my boyfriend, Jonathan, on his birthday. One of the first things Jonathan told me as we were getting to know each other was that when he retired he wanted to study primatology to work with chimpanzees. I thought he was joking, but quickly learned he was kind of serious. Fortunately for me his enthusiasm is contagious, and fortunately for us we discovered CSNW. We follow the blog and watch your videos together. Jonathan really enjoys watching the way the chimps eat. Actually he enjoys everything they do. Mostly though, we follow along because we greatly respect the work you do and appreciate the home you have provided for the chimps. So thank you and happy birthday, Jonathan!”

We love that you both get so much enjoyment from following the chimps! Thank you so much for caring about them and for sponsoring today for Jonathan, Jessica! Your compassionate gift makes a difference in their lives and we so appreciate it.

Well, Jonathan, Burrito knows a thing or two about eating:

The chimps like to watch each other eat as well (food peer), but only when they are curious to see what their friend is eating and hoping they might be in the mood to share. Here is Foxie is checking out Annie’s pine tree snack:

Annie is hoping Negra might share that cabbage:

Happy Birthday, Jonathan, from all of us at CSNW! We hope it’s the best one yet! Hopefully it involves your favorite foods without the pressure to share with others who are staring at you. If it helps, the chimps are rarely swayed. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Kery!

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Today was sponsored by long-time supporter and friend to the chimps, Kery Shaw! Kery shared this lovely message about her gift:

“Today, as I celebrate my birthday I take this moment to reflect on my life and think about all the incredible beings that have come into my life over the past couple of years. November … a time for giving thanks and gratitude. To the chimps: Burrito, Jamie, Jody, Annie, Missy, Foxie, and Negra who have humbled me. They have showed me how to forgive, how to have fun and mostly how to love. To Diana, JB, Katelyn and the rest of the staff and volunteers thank you for all you do and dedicating your life to these magnificent beings. Today and every day I celebrate all of you at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest! From the bottom of my heart thank you for all you do. Much love and gratitude, Kery Shaw – The Stolen Lives Project”

Kery, given all that you do to advocate for and bring awareness and compassion to the lives of our fellow animals, we so appreciate you thinking of the chimpanzees on your own special day. We hope you have a wonderful day in which your kind heart is filled with light and joy. Happy Birthday from all the primates at CSNW!

Burrito and Jody:

Burrito and Jody with bamboo

Missy and Annie:

Jamie, Foxie and Dora:

Foxie doll on back

Negra and Foxie:

Happy Birthday, Jamie!!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Ramona Isbell sponsored this special day of sanctuary in honor of our boss lady, Jamie, in celebration of her honorary 40th birthday! Or as it’s better known in the CSNW world, Jamieween! Ramona sent this message about her wonderful gift:

“Happy 40th Birthday Jamie! You and your friends have a blast of a day!! Love you, Ramona”

Jamie is one of the most intelligent, creative, willful, courageous people we know and we couldn’t have more admiration for her. With each passing year that we’re honored to know her, she surprises us with her beauty, strength, resiliency and adventurous and often mischievous – sometimes a little scary – spirit (hence, why we chose Halloween to celebrate her birthday!). You can learn more about Jamie here!

Ramona, thank you so very much for sponsoring today in honor of Jamie! It’s a celebration we look forward to all year long and we so appreciate your compassion and generosity in making Jamie’s day extra special for her and her chimp family!

Happy Jamieween, Jamie!! You are an incredibly special person and we love you so much! Here’s to a day and many years ahead of endless patrols around the hill (even in the pitch dark) for your adventurous soul (and of course, more cowboy boots than you or your caregivers could ever hope to wear on those adventures), projects and activities for your brilliant mind, and freedom and choice to express your amazing and creative heart. We love you, Jamie!!

Happy Jamieween Ramona and everyone!

For Patti and Doris Sims

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

We have a very touching day of sanctuary to start this Jamieween day sponsored by Anne Roberson, Cheryl Baldwin and Debbie Watt in honor of one of our wonderful volunteer caregivers, Patti Sims, and in memory of Patti’s mother, Doris Sims. They shared this touching message about their lovely gift:

“We are making this donation to honor Patti Sims in memory of her mother, Doris Sims, who died on October 13th. We selected October 31st because it is Jamie’s 40th birthday and we thought that would mean a lot to Patti. She loves Jamie and all of the chimps so much.”

Anne, Cheryl and Debbie, what a lovely thing to do for Patti and the chimps. Thank you so much for honoring Doris in such a thoughtful and compassionate way.

Patti, we are all holding you in our hearts and thoughts and we’re so glad to be able to honor your mom with you today. You do so much to make a lasting difference in the lives of our fellow animals in the world and we hope this Jamieween brings lightness, comfort and some happy to your big, compassionate heart. Thanks for being part of our chimp family.

Patti, Lynn and the birthday lady, Jamie:

Jody and Missy:

Jody kiss Missy

Happy Birthday, Jan!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Kery Shaw and Terran Baylor sponsored a day of sanctuary in honor of Jan Galeazzi! They shared this message about their gift:

“Jan Galeazzi is Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch Manager. She is a chicken mom, goat whisperer and mentor. Above all Jan is humble, smart, selfless, and passionate, and just an incredible human being. Jan has had several lives, doing several things, which left her feeling not satisfied. Through one of her jobs she met her fiancé who was aware of her feeling dissatisfied and yearn to do more. He encouraged her to go do those things. She loves running, rock climbing, kayaking and being around intellectual individuals very much like herself. Most of all, Jan is a giver and a healer. She saw an opportunity to volunteer at Animal Place and being an animal lover, saw it as a great opportunity to give back. It did not take long for Jan to be hired on as a full time employee and then eventually take on the position she has now. The first time I volunteered at Rescue Ranch I was immediately impressed at the way things were run. The staff remarked it was because of Jan. There is not a single person or staff member that does not love her, including myself. Jan works really hard and has made several compromises to do what she does. She has seen a lot and knows a lot. People have no idea what it truly takes to handle the emotion and physical aspects of her life. To know a woman of such a great caliber blows my mind. I am proud and honored to know her and call her my friend. So much love and respect. Today and everyday we HONOR and CELEBRATE you Jan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, All our Love, Kéry & Terran”

Thanks so much Kery and Terran for thinking of the chimps as you celebrate Jan! We appreciate you always holding them in your hearts.

Jan, all of us at CSNW wish you the happiest day and hope that all you contribute to the world and those around you comes back to you tenfold. Happy Birthday!

Resident handsome guy and charmer, Burrito:

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

We are sending birthday wishes to a very special person today.

Happy Birthday to Vicki Fagerlee, one of our favorite visitors, from all the chimps (and your loving family)!

Thanks to Vicki’s (human) family, Jim, Kim, and family for sponsoring the day in her honor!


May you take some time to rest, like Annie:


play, like Burrito:


spend some time with a loved one, like Foxie and Jamie:

Foxie doll on back


enjoy a treat (or three), like Jody:

jody shoulders


have an adventure, like Missy:

Missy tightrope walking


and end your day as comfortably as you began it, like Negra:

Today is also for Michael!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

We have a second sponsor-a-day for today! Arlene has sponsored this day for her husband Michael, with this message:

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. I am so thankful for him each and every day. With everything that is going on in the world, it is comforting to have someone who makes you feel loved and safe. I think the chimps would agree :).

We think so too, and the chimps are grateful for your support, Arlene & Micheal!

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Today’s day of sanctuary was sponsored by Jonathan Londono in honor of Jessica! Jonathan shared this sweet message about today:

“This is for my beautiful and caring girlfriend Jessica. Jess learned very quickly about my obsession with chimps and not long after did she and I become big fans of CSNW. Jess sends me pictures of the chimps every morning and it always makes my day. She found a favorite in Foxie and is a big fan of hers. Jess is also a big yoga fan, so she loves it when the chimps do their best yoga poses! Thank you CSNW and happy birthday Jess!”

Jonathan, thanks so much for caring about the chimps and for making a difference in their lives by sponsoring this day for them in Jessica’s honor! Such a kind gift! We are thankful to you both for your care and support of the chimps.

Jessica, all of us here at CSNW wish you the happiest of birthdays yet! Maybe you can incorporate some chimp yoga moves into your day. 🙂


Jody doing "yoga"



Negra happy baby pose


Foxie says, “If all else fails, just dance and kick about with utter abandon.”

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Today is in honor of Carolyn!

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Today’s day of sanctuary was sponsored by “The parents of Jake, aka wheelbarrow boy,” for Carolyn Ouellette: “A Real Animal Lover, A Great Role Model & A Stellar Friend!”

To the parents of Jake, thank you so much for thinking of the chimps in honoring Carolyn and making a difference in the days of them all!

Carolyn, I can’t imagine this won’t bring a smile to your face this morning. We hope you enjoy your day and thank you for being such a bright light in the world and sharing that with the chimpanzees.

Annie, face raised to the sun:


Jody and Missy: