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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Like most of us, the chimpanzees eat 3 main meals a day with the occasional snack between meals. Maybe a bit differently from most of us, the chimpanzees’ meals primarily consist of fresh produce. We are extremely lucky to receive a regular donation of amazing fresh produce from Darwin’s Natural Pet Products. Our volunteers stock our fridge every couple of weeks with their generous donations. To supplement the regular donations from Darwin’s, staff members also shop at our local grocery stores. Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I can think of no better Valentine to send these 7 chimpanzees, than a gift card to keep their fridge stocked and their stomachs full! We do most of our shopping at our local Safeway and Fred Meyer stores. If you’re like me and want to skip the post office trip, you can also find Safeway gift cards on our Amazon wishlist!

The way to a chimp’s heart:

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the chimp house not a creature was stirring… besides a few chimps;

The stockings were stuffed by a few kind volunteers;

In hopes for field roast and boots galore soon;

The chimps are all nesting comfortably in their blankets;

While they save energy for the big day that lies ahead.

The chimps are so excited for tomorrow! Today we did a lot of preparation for our Christmas party. We have 4 bins stuffed with stockings, blankets, toys, dolls, books, and boots! Staff have been busy organizing and checking all the enrichment and volunteers have been busy stuffing stockings and wrapping presents. Unlike some Christmas shoppers, we are stress-free thanks to all of our donors who gave the chimps gifts! Today, Christmas Eve was full of relaxing and building the anticipation for Christmas Day! There were many grooming parties, nesting, and games of chase! It was a little too cold to go on the Hill unfortunately, but we kept ourselves occupied…

Burrito played chase with volunteer caregivers to pass the time:

Foxie and Jamie played games of chase and napped most of the day:

Jamie collecting blankets to make her nest:

Missy and Annie wrestling:



The Lost Photos

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Many of the photos we take of the chimpanzees each day never make it onto the blog. Here are a few that I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks that I just found hiding on the hard drive.











Speaking of photos you may have missed, the 2017 CSNW Calendar is now available in our online store! Here’s a sneak peak:


If you’re as smitten with these chimps as we are, don’t pass up the opportunity to look at their amazing faces every day of the year!

Today is in memory of Joseph

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Today’s day of sanctuary was sponsored by Jean McNeill in memory of Joseph, her partner of 35 years. Joseph passed away 7 years ago and would have been 66 today. He was a lover of chimpanzees and all creatures in need and we are so touched that Jean is sharing this special day with the sanctuary. Jean is a long time friend and supporter of the chimpanzees and helps all of the primates here at CSNW at every opportunity. She is  pals with each of these amazing chimpanzees and makes a direct difference in their lives in so many ways. And she even helps to ensure we humans have what we need to provide quality care for the chimpanzees and their home.

Life offers us so many moments and loved ones to celebrate, remember and honor. I don’t think we could ever stop being amazed when someone chooses to include the chimpanzees in these special times.

Jean, thank you so much for honoring Joseph’s memory through the gift of sanctuary and for including each of the chimpanzees in your life in such a meaningful way. We are honored to have Joseph remembered here today. You provide the chimps with hope, love, home and sanctuary and we’re so grateful to have you as part of our chimp family.

Jamie working hard patrolling Young’s Hill:


Jody, Missy, Annie, Foxie and Burrito:

bunch of chimps on a structure

and Queen Negra, enjoying her throne of blankets in the sun:


web negra nest sleep cute close up window PR IMG_9580

Portraits Added to Online Auction

Monday, September 1st, 2014

I’ve just added a few more awesome items to the Summer Biddin’ Online Auction!

I couldn’t let it go without having a portrait of each of the chimpanzees available for bidding on, could I? The photos are being printed on metal, which gives them a really neat luminescent quality that I know everyone will love.

So, don’t delay in getting your bids in on the below items and all the other items too, and don’t forget to give a little towards the Summer Lovin’ party too!

Bidding ends at 7:00pm PT unless an item goes in to a Bid War. Be sure to watch – it’s going to be fun to see which items continue to get bids after the closing time!

Thanks to everyone who made the Summer Biddin’ Online Auction possible and to everyone who is participating! The chimpanzees really appreciate your support!

last minute auction items

Gettin’ the Party Started

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Biddin‘ and Lovin’ has begun for our Summer Biddin’ online-only auction! There’s only four days for this quick and fun fundraiser that will provide money to care for the chimpanzees, so don’t delay!

We have one Producer and a few Directors for our Summer Lovin’ Party – thank you! We’re currently searching for Executive Producers and a lot more production help. Learn more in the video below and here.


Here are the top three Biddin’ items so far. Click through to get the details and place a bid:

One Week Stay at Kauai Beach Resort

Kauai Beach Resort

Thanks to donors Robert and Alisha Palmer


Chimpanzee Photo Quilt


by Lisa Dieumegard


Missy and Annie

Giclee print on canvas

Missy and Annie print

by Margaret H. Parkinson


There are so many other great items to check out right now. Foxie inspired quite a bit of art for this auction.

Surprisingly, there are no bids on the Backstage Pass to the Sanctuary yet, but we know you’re just holding out.

Negra - Backstage Pass photo


Please help spread the word about Summer’ Biddin’ and Lovin‘ by sharing with your friends via email and social media, bid high and bid often, and help us throw a spectacular end-of-summer party!

Summer Biddin' banner


Shop AmazonSmile to help the chimps

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 recently launched a program called AmazonSmile. You may have noticed there’s a link to signing up on the sidebar of the blog that looks like this:

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

The simple explanation is that you follow that link and that leads you to a page to sign up for AmazonSmile and designate Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as your charity to receive funds.

I signed up myself and wanted to explain a little bit more about how it works. The most important thing to know is that, in order for your purchases to help the chimps, you have to login in to (instead of just every time you shop.

So, you may as well take that link – and bookmark it. Once you’ve designated Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as your chosen charity, when you sign in to shop it should look like this (yours won’t have the word “prime” if you don’t also use amazon prime):

amazon smile screenshot

Then you just shop normally and 0.5% of eligible purchases will go to the chimps! I haven’t shopped around too much to determine what purchases are eligible, but this is from amazon’s FAQ about the program: “Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages.”

The donations through AmazonSmile will be made to us 45 days after a calendar quarter ends, so it will be a little while before we know how much we’ll be receiving.

And in case you had the clever idea of buying a bunch of stuff and returning it – amazon is way ahead of you – they will not count returned items in their donations.

Thanks for taking advantage of all of the many ways that you can help the chimpanzees. There are a few more listed here:

And here’s some chimpanzee smiles from your favorite chimp BFF’s Annie & Missy:

web Missy annie smile play structure YH IMG_2658

Gift of Giving from Atomic Garden

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Good friend and all around wonderful person Adrienne Armstrong is raising money for the chimpanzees this holiday season and providing beautiful gifts in return for donations to the chimpanzees through her business Atomic Garden.

Please check out the gift levels and the benefit gifts that you will receive in return for helping the chimpanzees (sneak peak photos below). These are wonderful holiday Gifts of Giving for loved ones so consider them in your holiday gift shopping today. You will probably find a few other great gifts in the Atomic Garden shop while you’re browsing.

Visit Atomic Garden online to donate, or if you’re in Oakland, California, visit the shop in person. Thank you for your support of the sanctuary of of businesses who help the chimpanzees!

atomic garden Negra card and bracelet

Atomic Gardent Chimpanzee Healing Bracelet


what to do with all that money you saved on Black Friday

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Hopefully you all saw the Thanksgiving blog post yesterday with the video full of food squeaking that included Burrito inhaling a piece of Celebration Roast made by our friends at Field Roast.

For most Americans, now that the big feast is behind us, it’s the dreaded or celebrated Black Friday, the day that shoppers everywhere are searching for the best deals, and non-shoppers are tucked away in their homes avoiding the madness (maybe some of them doing some secret shopping online).

Pal Candy CaneLucky for all of you, we have a way for everyone to feel good about today – join our Holiday Pal fundraising contest!

Your donations literally put the food on the table for the chimpanzees (okay, maybe it’s not really a table, but you know what I mean), and we particularly rely on monthly donations to keep the bills paid and keep us inspired to do more, so please consider the Alpha Pal or Best Friends Pal donation levels.

Right now Foxie is ahead in the Pal fundraising, but that could change at any minute. Keep updated by watching the photos fill up the chimps’ candy canes!

You can become a Pal online, send us a check, or even give us a call (509-699-0728). I’ll personally take your donation over the phone today – there’s no way I’m facing any shopping crowds, so I’ll just be sitting here in the office with the phone waiting for you to call.

If you’re still looking for shopping deals, Zazzle is offering 60% off calendars (and a bunch of other sales), so you can pick up your 2014 Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest calendar for a bargain price. You may as well get a few for gifts. Just visit the CSNW Zazzle store, get your shopping fix by selecting lots of items, and enter the promocode: BLKFRIZAZZLE when you check out. Let us know what you think about the calendar this year!

2014 calendars

Hang in there, and don’t forget that you can always come visit the blog to watch videos and see photos of the chimps to remind you of your primate family at a distance and take your mind off of shopping or any other holiday stress. The chimps are here for you because you are there for them.

Christmas in July!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Help Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest by donating items from our Christmas in July wish list

The past few months have been full of parties, as we celebrated Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest’s five-year anniversary, Negra’s 40th birthday, Independence Day and the announcements by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Institutes of Health. Plus the Roslyn Olympics celebrating Foxie and her love of troll dolls is just two days away (check out the new Facebook page)! With so many festive parties, it almost feels like the holiday season, so we’ve decided to celebrate Christmas in July!

The CSNW team sure knows how to stretch a dollar. We want to give the chimpanzees the best, and sometimes that means living with less than ideal things for ourselves. However, we are at a point where we need some items replaced so that we can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Take a look at our Christmas in July wish list that the whole staff put together, and consider making our day by selecting a present to donate. With your gifts we will be able to…

Organize the kitchen in the chimp house and office in the caregiver house:

dishes and sink at chimp house

office closet

Replace our humble office chairs:

office chair

Power clean the chimp house:

Debbie cleaning

And, of course, we have some items for the chimps on the wish list too…

Foxie throwing troll

Thank you all for your continued support. We are looking forward to our newly stocked and organized office and chimp house and we look forward to sharing before and after photos with you!
wish list