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How Many Chimps Do You See?

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

How many chimps are in this picture? Can you name them? Ready… Go!

Bonus photos!

Annie sitting on top of the Twister:


Missy eating snow:

Burrito taking a stroll with the ladies:

Jamie ready for a walk and Missy following behind:

Jody was on a mission (probably to find snow):

Jody and Foxie:

While everyone was outside Negra grabbed a bunch of blankets and took a nap:

Later, Jamie went out and sat on the Twister for a while:

Happy Birthday, Adrienne!

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Eric Beckley sponsored a day of sanctuary in honor of Adrienne DiCerbo with this lovely message:

“For Adrienne on her Birthday. From Eric and Leo. She briefly volunteered at your sanctuary and loves all your chimps, especially when they are playing, eating, and loving each other.”

Eric thank you for choosing such a kind and compassionate gift for Adrienne and the chimps!

And Adrienne, we so appreciate you sharing your birthday with the chimps and continuing to help ensure that all the chimps’ days are filled with joy, good food to grunt and squeak about, and so much love. We hope it’s the best birthday yet!

Happy Birthday from all of us at CSNW!

A Jamie and Foxie pretzel:

Jamie and Foxie in a Chimpanzee Pretzel

Not Your Typical Day

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Today was not our typical lazy Sunday at CSNW. After the chimps received access to the Hill everyone was out with Jamie, well everyone except Negra… Foxie was especially gleeful this morning. Foxie invited staff Caregiver Katelyn for a fun game of flip and hang upside down while tickling her with her doll, which I mean who could say no to that! Foxie is always playful and has the craziest moves, but today she put it all out on the dance floor. Check out the video to see Foxie’s moves.

Bonus photos of Foxie on Young’s Hill yesterday (photo credit to Diana, they were just to good to not share):

Happy Birthday, Manuela!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

I often marvel at the love the chimpanzees receive from friends and loved ones. To think they spent so many years unknown to so many and now they fill so many hearts and lives the world over. Manuela Santacreu sponsored this day of sanctuary as a gift for herself and Annie, Burrito, Foxie, Jamie, Jody, Missy and Negra and sends this lovely message about today:

“Pour mon anniversaire, parce qu’il n’y a rien de plus beau que le bonheur simple de savoir ces chimpanzés heureux ! bravo à vous tous! ‘For my birthday, because there is nothing more beautiful than the simple happiness of knowing these happy chimpanzees! Congratulations to you all!'”

Manuela, thank you so much for sharing your celebration with the chimps! We appreciate the lasting difference your support makes in their lives. All of the primates here at CSNW wish you the happiest of days!


Annie hugging Missy:


Burrito and Jody:

Burrito and Jody with bamboo

Foxie and doll:

Chimps: 7 – Humans: 0

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Last night, while the chimpanzees were all inside enjoying their sparkling cider for New Year’s Eve, I ran out to close the hill for the evening. With well below freezing temperatures, the sky growing dark, and Jamie inside, I assumed everyone was in for the evening. And then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye that took my brain a minute to compute. Low and behold Foxie had declined the New Year’s Eve festivities and chose to ring in the new year by having an adventure and foraging for snow treats!

Much to Jody’s horror…

Jody is such a good friend and patiently waited for Foxie, even venturing up the icy path to collect her at one point. Foxie wasn’t ready to come inside yet and sweet Jody headed back to wait for her at the entry to the greenhouse, slipping and sliding her way back down the path. Foxie stayed out quite awhile, seemingly watching the surrounding skies light up with the sunset and enjoying her time. Much to Jo’s relief, Foxie eventually made her way back, collecting several snow treats along the way and then she and Jody raced into the warm chimp house together. We all celebrate in our own way.


Earlier in the day, I was showing Jamie my winter boots with the YakTrax on. As one might imagine, winter shoewear is pretty exciting for Jamie. As we sat together Jamie kept gesturing, unsatisfied with the usual winter boots and Yakthax grooming, or even with me wearing her boots. It took me several minutes to realize she wanted to see the YakTrax on HER boots. Of course she did! She was so excited! Once she had a good visual of them she asked for her boots (thankfully understanding she couldn’t have the Yaktrax with them) and happily retreated to her nest with them.

Here she is sound asleep, her foot in one of her favorite new Christmas boots.

As for today, Kelsi and I arrived bright and early this first morning of 2018, arms full of goods for the chimps’ New Year’s Day celebration. But the chimps made it very clear from the start that today, we were doing things differently. Specifically, we were doing things Missy-style! All. Day. Long. During the winter, Missy is a bit infamous for choosing not to shift during the daily routine, meaning that she will sometimes choose not to leave an area so that we can go in and clean. So the humans adjust their routine or just wait it out.

In order to set up the party we needed access to the playroom, but it’s cozy, light and spacious in there and no one else was particularly interested in leaving that area either. And that’s great, it’s an example of the chimps getting to choose how their day goes. But what is a little more unique is that they’ve been choosing not to shift out of any area today! Bribes of gum, nuts, and even tiny tomatoes for Missy haven’t even swayed them! We were finally able to begin cleaning at precisely the time we normally finish the entire chimp house. So the human party plans were put out in increments or not at all. But the chimps seemed perfectly content with doing things their way and that’s what’s most important.

Jamie enjoying sparkling cider:

The chimps still weren’t interested in shifting out of the playroom for dinner in our last attempt to set up the party forage so instead enjoyed a full service dinner of black-eyed peas with cherry tomatoes, kale, baked onions and baked pears for dinner. To heck with spot cleaning. Maybe they thought since we had JUST cleaned, that was good enough. So we doled out extra blankets in the food chutes and switched up evening enrichment so we could pass it out.

As I write this, the chimps are hooting and hollering (led by ringleader, Missy) seemingly just for the heck of it. I like to think they are celebrating another year of freedom of having choices and freedom to make those choices as they deem fit. Freedom to call the shots in their own home. Freedom to change their minds. Freedom to be chimps. And really, freedom just to be. I think that’s what we all want to be able to celebrate.

Happy New Year everyone!

In memory of Mikey

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

We are full of immense gratitude for the countless ways in which you all have contributed to the lives of the chimpanzees throughout 2017. As we ready to release one year and move forward into the flow of the next, how lovely and apropos is this, our last day of sanctuary sponsorship for the year, from Debi Domantay:

“All my life I’ve felt a deep passion for Nature & ALL animals with a particular interest in Chimpanzees, Gorillas & Orangutans… If I could relive my life, I’d certainly become a Primatologist. This donation is in memory of “Mikey” & ALL animals in need of being rescued from a life without dignity & respect.”

Debi, thank you so much for your heartfelt message and New Year’s Eve gift for the chimps in memory of Mikey. As we move into 2018 and our plans to begin expansion in order to not only improve the lives of the chimps, but to be able to offer others a sanctuary home, your thoughts couldn’t be more well-timed. A perfect gift in celebration of the New Year!

To those who celebrate at this time, Happy New Year’s Eve! And to all, may your days, months and years ahead each be better and more abundant in all the good ways than the last, just as you’ve made possible for the chimpanzees.








More love from Trish!

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

In her desire to do something special for the chimpanzees, Trish Loesch recently sponsored not one, but two days of sanctuary, with today being the second!

In the immediate sense, we’ve been watching the chimps enjoy so many joy-filled days this holiday season. Warm, yummy foods, heaps of the softest of blankets, new enrichment to spark their curious and intelligent minds, beloved favorites like boots and dolls, and all the comforts and joys we as humans enjoy as well.

And in the long-term, we’ve been watching the chimps step more fully each day into the freedom to make their own choices, the dignity that comes with being respected and appreciated just for who you are, the courage to explore and take new risks, and the comfort of being at peace in one’s own skin and own home. Those are no small gifts.

Trish, thank you for immensely for contributing to the ever-expanding ripple of love, compassion and generosity surrounding the chimps that not only makes their lives in sanctuary possible, but makes more than they may have ever dreamt, possible.







Missy sleeping in a big nest



Foxie’s favorite things

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Foxie doing two of her favorite things: eating snow and admiring a doll.

Snow straight to mouth = No cold hands!

Happy Birthday, Tracy!

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Foxie wanted to send a big Happy Birthday to her pal Tracy, who sponsored today’s day of sanctuary!

Tracy, Foxie hopes that your day is full of (figurative) back-flips and pirouettes and lots of (actual) laughter and joy!

Foxie upside down

Thank you, Trish!

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Trish Loesch sponsored not one, but two days of sanctuary for the chimpanzees this week and she shared this lovely message:

“I love reading the blog everyday and appreciate what you do for the chimps and I wanted to do something for them by sponsoring two days of sanctuary!” 

Trish, thank you so much for going out of your way to reach out and contribute to the chimps’ lives through your compassion and generosity. It’s hard to imagine their lives were ever anything less than the love filled days we see now and thanks to people like you, it’s all they will know for all their days forward.


Annie on twister



foxie tossing doll