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Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Today we’re thankful for love, family, and food grunts.

On today’s menu:

Field Roast with gravy
baked apples
green beans
cranberry sauce
sweet rolls
baked potatoes
roasted chestnuts
sparkling apple cider

We hope you and your family enjoy your festivities as much as the Cle Elum Seven enjoyed theirs. Happy Thanksgiving!

Breakfast! YUM!

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Breakfast is a very exciting meal for the chimps. And why wouldn’t it be? What is more exciting than fruit, smoothie, vitamins, chow, and peanuts? Today the chimps had bananas, plums, and a banana & peanut butter smoothie. Below are a collection of photos from today’s beautiful crisp fall morning at CSNW!

Negra enjoying breakfast:

Foxie holding one of her new dolls:

Burrito eating some chow:

Annie eating her chow on Young’s Hill:


Busy work

Friday, October 20th, 2017

We had this giant box of shipping/moving paper saved up with a fun enrichment project in mind. After Jamie and Burrito dismantled the box, Missy was more than happy to recycle the paper as lining in her giant nest!

Forage While We Can

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

What a great day to be at the sanctuary! The morning started chilly and we thought the chimps couldn’t possibly want a forage on the Hill. But, to our delight it was the perfect day to be outside and especially to have a forage on the Hill. It is important to spend time outside while we can before the dreaded winter comes. The chimps spent a great deal of their day in the Green House and out on Young’s Hill. We also had some visitors for our lunch forage that Jamie was very curious about. She even had the group walk the perimeter with her.

Negra nestled in the comfy nest soaking up the morning sun:

Jody also relaxing in a soft warm bed soaking up some vitamin D:

Missy sitting on the window ledge in the Green House:

Annie being very photogenic as per usual:

Negra enjoying the forage and observing guests:

Annie foraging:

Jody with a handful of food and trying if there is any more left:

Jamie sitting on the fire hose and eating kale:

Jamie also wanted to show off a bit for the group:

And man does she have balance:

After Jamie made the group go on a walk with her:


Let the Festivities Begin!

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Today was a perfect fall day at the sanctuary. It was chilly, but still warm enough, the leaves have started to change, and the air smells crisp outside. Fall is a favorite for us here at CSNW, especially because Jamie-ween is just around the corner. So let the count down begin! Today, to celebrate the first day of October the chimps enjoyed a pumpkin seed and dried apple forage with some nice warm tea. Later for dinner there was a special homemade treat, applesauce (or better known as mashed up apples). Our day was spent walking around Young’s Hill, grooming, napping, and savoring the last bit of the garden.

Sunflowers from our garden:

Negra napping outside in the Green House:


Jody peering out into the garden:

Little bit later Missy and Jamie enjoyed some kale:

And handsome Burrito:






Harry Potter Day

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

In our continuing effort to come up with new and interesting enrichment for the chimpanzees, we present to you…

Dessert for chimps

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

The chimpanzees have a very healthy diet consisting of primarily raw, fresh produce. In the morning they enjoy a fruit smoothie (with protein powder), two servings of fresh fruit, a handful of unsalted peanuts and their chewable vitamins. Lunch is a little bit simpler, with three servings of fresh or sometimes cooked vegetables. We end both breakfast and lunch with two small carefully portioned bags of primate chow per chimp (they enjoy small bags filled with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit for dinner). The chimps grew up eating primarily this chow, and while they love eating the fresh items we provide for them, they still really like their old standby food. This chow comes to us in the form of small dry biscuits, and is perfect for wadging mouthfuls at the end of a good meal.

Annie finishes off her lunch:


Monday, September 25th, 2017

The sanctuary is a special place. But then I probably don’t need to tell you that. We are so fortunate to watch the beauty of so many seasons come and go not only around the sanctuary grounds, but for all of us here to be able to pass through our own seasons in life in this sanctuary home.

There has been a wedding here, celebrations of all shapes and sizes, people have honored loved ones here who have passed away, and most of us spend all of our birthdays and holidays here. I was in the chimp house when I was offered my job here, I was here when I learned my heart could hold more love than I ever thought possible, and it seems that somehow I am always in the chimp house when I’ve learned of the passing of family and loved ones. And every single day we are honored and privileged to watch the winters, springs, summers and falls of the chimps’ lives unfold with never-ending surprise, adventure, joy, healing and love. We’re all so lucky, chimps and humans alike, to have this place to live out the seasons of our lives. And please know that we consider you part of it all. This special place wouldn’t exist without you.

As autumn settles in around us none of us could be happier (and I am pretty sure the chimps are as excited as the humans). We’ve been enjoying countless walks with the chimps around Young’s Hill in the cool, fresh air, harvesting pears from the orchard, climbing the apple trees and dangling precariously over the pond to reach the last of the fruit on the furthest branches, and today we harvested the very first little pumpkins from the chimps’ garden!

A Foxie-size pumpkin:

And a bonus photo of Jamie, plotting and planning, because, obviously…

So we’re celebrating seasons and all they bring to our lives tonight with an impromptu “Welcome, Autumn!” dinner party and the chimps’ are enjoying roasted onions, peppers, pears and pumpkins still warm from the oven with some extra tiny lemons and tangerines. And one of the chimps’ favorite evening enrichments, “grab bags,” filled with nuts, seeds, dried fruit and all manner of odds and ends. A favorite of Jamie’s as you will see below.

Queen Negra enjoying the first serving of the season of pumpkin:

Jody enjoying roasted onion:

Jamie with (practically) ALL the grab bags (she went through the chimp house grabbing them and tossing them over her shoulder into a pile until she was ready to go through them.):

Happy autumn, all!

What’s on the Menu Today?

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Mondays are never a drag here at CSNW! We had a pretty exciting menu today.

Breakfast: Started with a fruit smoothie (volunteers’/staff’s choice), two fruit options (pears & cantaloupe today), chow, and some vitamins

Lunch: We served some fresh kale, orange peppers (because why not), tomatoes, a little bit of corn, and chow

Now get ready for the main course because this is going to get interesting!

Dinner: We had a forage tonight and the chimps had roasted onions, carrots, and sweet potatoes (among a few other veggies as well)

The chimps enjoy fresh and cooked vegetables, but this forage combination really got their attention!

Today’s lunch:

Level 3 Volunteer Jake serving Jody:

Negra eating corn:


Missy food peering for some tomatoes:

Annie (Left) & Foxie (Right) holding peppers

Jake serving Foxie tomatoes:




Annie’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Today is Annie’s 43rd Birthday! We are so fortunate to know Annie – she is a sweet, playful, and loyal friend to humans and non-humans. We celebrated her today with a fun forage full of veggies, chow, roasted onions, and smoothie in the greenhouse and Young’s Hill.  Annie also really LOVES kale especially from our garden. It was quite the party!

Annie standing bipedally while foraging on the hill:

Annie found some delicious kale from our garden:

Burrito scored a few presents:

Burrito (wonder what he found inside):

Annie enjoying a plate of corn and broccoli with a side of socks:

Jamie drinking smoothie:

Jamie unwrapping a present:

Jamie holding some boots in her pelvic pocket:

Negra basking in the sun and foraging:

Birthday girl (Annie):


Jody eating some leeks from our garden:

Annie enjoying her kale:

Foxie eating chow:

Annie found one last plate: