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What Did the Chimps Do Today?

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

We had a lot of playful chimps today! When the humans arrived this morning we found Missy and Annie chasing each other, Burrito with a toy in his mouth ready to play chase, Foxie throwing dolls, Jody breathy panting, Negra giving kisses, and Jamie ready with a grooming tool for boots. Throughout the day there has been quite a bit of napping and nesting because it was really cold today. However, do not fret, the chimps have been very busy! Burrito has been running around with his scooter and Jamie has been reading books and stuffing trolls into paper bags. Check out the video to see a few more of today’s activities!

Foxie and her new favorite Strawberry Shortcake doll

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

This video shows Foxie displaying the many ways she gets enrichment out of dolls. She still melts our hearts with her unique and playful personality. What a joy to be able to provide a sanctuary home for her!


Fifth Day of Thanks, Featuring Vicki Fagerlee & Foxie

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Yesterday, J.B. took some photos of the chimpanzees enjoying their post-Thanksgiving morning romp on the hill. It was a beautiful morning yesterday and the chimpanzees wasted no time in taking advantage of the sunshine. There are some great images of Foxie in this post below!

Today is the fifth day of thanks highlighting seven different donors and their seven ways of donating + the seven chimpanzees at the sanctuary!

In case you missed the first four posts, day one featured legacy donor Bruce Davidson + Burrito, day two featured event donor Kathy Cochran + Annie, day three featured recurring donor Julie Olson + Jody, and day four featured challenge and competition donor Monica Best + Negra.

For the fifth day of thanks, we are sending big thanks to Vicki Fagerlee and everyone who sends items via our wishlist. Vicki won a “spend the day behind-the-scenes at the sanctuary” auction item a few years ago and traveled halfway across the country for that unique experience. It was really special for the staff to be able to meet Vicki in person and get to know her, and to introduce her to the chimpanzees who she had been following via the internet. Vicki also donates cold hard cash, but she likes to supplement her cash donations by browsing the wish list for all of the somewhat boring supplies needed to run the chimp house and fun stuff for the chimpanzees too.

Here’s what Vicki had to stay about her wish list giving:

It’s an easy way to contribute to the functioning of the sanctuary and the happiness of the chimpanzees. With the wish list, I know what I’m buying is exactly what is needed. Plus it makes me feel so good to give in a small way. You are all so special and I saw first-hand all that it takes to keep things going on a daily basis.

She also added this about following the blog, “Your daily updates put me in my happy place.”

That last sentiment made my day. I just love knowing that people are following the lives of the chimpanzees and that these seven chimpanzee people bring happiness to a lot of human people out there.

For those who even just casually check in on the blog once in a while, you likely are very aware of Foxie’s love of dolls. Her main and original love is troll dolls:

foxie troll on neck


but she also likes Dora the Explorer and friends:


and the occasional “other” doll:


Her main type seems to be handheld size dolls with hard plastic bodies, big eyes, and a bonus for colorful hair.

Like any collector, Foxie has her old favorites. Today she has been carrying around a standard troll with orange hair that is missing one eye and is one firm bite away from being without feet. Each time I passed her by during the cleaning routine this morning, she pushed this troll out to me.

I think it was the same doll that she carried around all day last week:

foxie holding troll


Also like a true collector, Foxie  is always excited when new dolls arrive for her in the mail. So we do add dolls to our amazon wish list once in a while. There are a lot of materials that we’re not able to give to the chimpanzees (see the long list here), so when items are purchased from the wish list, you know they have been pre-approved by the staff.

Recently, Foxie’s been into a line of Strawberry Shortcake dolls. She had one of them on her morning romp on the hill yesterday. Here are those photos taken by J.B. that I promised:

foxie and the landscape

foxie holding doll

foxie tossing doll

Do You Know?

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Can you tell who is who? Today at CSNW we have a challenge for you! There are four pictures and we want you all to try and guess which chimps are in the photos.

A freckled face:

Two mystery girls lounging together:

And who could be under this blanket:

Someone holding a troll doll:


Additional photos just because!



Jamie nestled with a boot:

Jamie finally off duty:

And last one because who wouldn’t want to see one more:





Indoor games

Monday, November 6th, 2017

It’s been sunny today with no additional snow, but what we have has been taking its time melting and it’s still pretty chilly out.

The chimps have chosen to park themselves in front of sunny windows facing the valley to nap and groom and occasionally engage in games of chase, thundering through the loft of their playroom or nesting out of sight in the top of the greenhouse.

Foxie seems to be particularly enjoying the snow days and has been taking full advantage of the weather to enjoy some indoor games. She has also requested so many snowballs to eat that I think she has to take breaks in-between to be rowdy and raucous so she can warm herself up. So after a particularly large number of snowballs, we had a long bout of passing her beloved purple-haired doll back and forth with spins, leaps, pirouettes and general chimpanzee shenanigans.

Her she is lying on the heated floor playing with her doll and prepping to pass it to me through the caging:

Here she had two dolls and we were racing to pass them back and forth between us, always a favorite:

Foxie stopped to check out her image in the camera:

And what would be a proper game without standing on your head?

All those shenanigans can wear a girl out:

Foxie’s mysterious relationship with dolls

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

We will never truly know what it is about Foxie’s treasured dolls that she loves so much.

Foxie hug troll


We will never know what she is thinking when she is gazing at them.

Foxie gazing at troll


We will never know what tales she weaves when she is interacting with her dolls.


Do they speak to her?

Foxie listening to troll


Do they have individual personalities?

foxie hand holding troll


What we do know is that Foxie is a unique chimpanzee. We love her exactly as she is.

Foxie hoot face


We are so happy she found something that provides endless entertainment and makes her feel safe and happy:

Foxie bite dora

Foxie hugging blonde dora


Breakfast! YUM!

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Breakfast is a very exciting meal for the chimps. And why wouldn’t it be? What is more exciting than fruit, smoothie, vitamins, chow, and peanuts? Today the chimps had bananas, plums, and a banana & peanut butter smoothie. Below are a collection of photos from today’s beautiful crisp fall morning at CSNW!

Negra enjoying breakfast:

Foxie holding one of her new dolls:

Burrito eating some chow:

Annie eating her chow on Young’s Hill:


That new doll smell!

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Foxie’s new love of a purple haired Strawberry Shortcake doll. Well yesterday her new shiny friends arrived in the mail! Foxie was so excited that she wanted us to playfully chase her around holding the box before she could even bring herself to cuddle them.

The many uses of enrichment

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The chimps are not known for being gentle with the enrichment they receive. Many of the toys they get each day have a primary use (to be examined and played with) and a secondary use (to be destroyed by any means possible). I imagine there’s something pretty enjoyable about making a huge pile of fun destruction and then have housekeeping come in every morning so you can do it all over again.

A different doll for Foxie!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Foxie goes through phases where she takes special interest in one of her dolls. When it’s not being tossed playfully to caregivers, this purple haired doll has been by her side for weeks:

It’s pretty different than her usual loves, not a Dora or a troll doll, but something that we’ve never seen before. After a little bit of investigation, we found out that she’s a Strawberry Shortcake doll! We’re excited for Foxie to be branching out a little bit and for all the fun shopping that comes with it (this doll has friends with many different colors of hair after all)!