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Do You Know?

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Can you tell who is who? Today at CSNW we have a challenge for you! There are four pictures and we want you all to try and guess which chimps are in the photos.

A freckled face:

Two mystery girls lounging together:

And who could be under this blanket:

Someone holding a troll doll:


Additional photos just because!



Jamie nestled with a boot:

Jamie finally off duty:

And last one because who wouldn’t want to see one more:





Mirror Mirror!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Yesterday as we cleaned the playroom, we caught Jamie casually staring at herself in her new full length mirror. Possibly for quite some time…

Laying and Playing

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Foxie and Burrito are two of our most playful chimps! So when we get the chance to watch them play, it is really quite fun. Foxie and Burrito began the morning with a post breakfast nap. After, a quick power nap they started a lazy game of wrestling which turned into a full game and then back to a lazy game. Below are some photos of the progression from napping to playing. Happy Sunday!

Foxie & Burrito napping:

Foxie & Burrito wrestling:

Stilling wrestling:

Back to laying and playing:

And a few extra photo for you all…

Annie’s silhouette:

Jamie holding one of her favorite boots:

New Enrichment!

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

We thought the chimpanzees should get something new and exciting since we raised more than expected on Giving Day for Apes…



Don’t forget about the Database of Chimpanzee Enrichment!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Have you checked out our Database of Chimpanzee Enrichment? On this site we keep track of all the fun food puzzles and other items we give to the chimps. We are always looking for new enrichment ideas to try at the sanctuary and share with the chimpanzee caregiver community, so please feel free to share our site with anyone who might be able to benefit or contribute new ideas to our page!

Here’s Jamie using the treat rock food puzzle (filmed May of last year):

Chimpanzee Time

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Last Sunday we all changed the clocks back an hour, but the chimps have no use for telling the time (other than when their stomachs tell them it’s time to eat). Rather than changing the chimps’ schedule and routine, the humans change their own work schedule. During the winter months we start work an hour earlier and in the spring we start an hour later. This way the chimpanzees get to remain blissfully unaware of springing forward or falling back.

Jamie’s nesting schedule remains the same: whenever she feels like it!

Indoor games

Monday, November 6th, 2017

It’s been sunny today with no additional snow, but what we have has been taking its time melting and it’s still pretty chilly out.

The chimps have chosen to park themselves in front of sunny windows facing the valley to nap and groom and occasionally engage in games of chase, thundering through the loft of their playroom or nesting out of sight in the top of the greenhouse.

Foxie seems to be particularly enjoying the snow days and has been taking full advantage of the weather to enjoy some indoor games. She has also requested so many snowballs to eat that I think she has to take breaks in-between to be rowdy and raucous so she can warm herself up. So after a particularly large number of snowballs, we had a long bout of passing her beloved purple-haired doll back and forth with spins, leaps, pirouettes and general chimpanzee shenanigans.

Her she is lying on the heated floor playing with her doll and prepping to pass it to me through the caging:

Here she had two dolls and we were racing to pass them back and forth between us, always a favorite:

Foxie stopped to check out her image in the camera:

And what would be a proper game without standing on your head?

All those shenanigans can wear a girl out:

The First Snow

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

We woke up to our first snow today! There are some mixed feelings about this white dust.

1.) First and foremost we are excited to eat the snow!

2.) We like the beauty of it, but also it came too soon…

3.) It is making us a little reluctant to get outside…

SO… We like you snow, but please not yet!

Young’s Hill:

Jody eating some snow from the Hill entrance, but not going outside:

Burrito doing the same:

As enrichment we filled buckets with some snow and put them everywhere:

Jamie snuggling with a boot and keeping warm with blankets over her:


Foxie’s mysterious relationship with dolls

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

We will never truly know what it is about Foxie’s treasured dolls that she loves so much.

Foxie hug troll


We will never know what she is thinking when she is gazing at them.

Foxie gazing at troll


We will never know what tales she weaves when she is interacting with her dolls.


Do they speak to her?

Foxie listening to troll


Do they have individual personalities?

foxie hand holding troll


What we do know is that Foxie is a unique chimpanzee. We love her exactly as she is.

Foxie hoot face


We are so happy she found something that provides endless entertainment and makes her feel safe and happy:

Foxie bite dora

Foxie hugging blonde dora