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8th Annual Love a Chimpanzee Day

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

We love made-up holidays around here (holiday = party for the chimps). For the last 8 years, the chimps’ good friend Monica Best has sponsored April 23rd as Love a Chimpanzee Day. (It also happens to be Monica’s birthday!) Unless you’ve followed our blog for awhile, you probably haven’t heard of Love a Chimpanzee Day; that’s because it didn’t exist until Monica dreamed it up.

To celebrate CSNW’s 8th Annual Love a Chimpanzee Day, we decided to throw a luau party, because there’s never a bad time to throw a luau party for chimps you love. The chimps enjoyed a feast of bananas, oranges, fruit smoothie, and pineapple coconut water for breakfast in the greenhouse.



(Burrito was especially happy to see former volunteer caregiver Stephanie, who stopped by for a visit!)





(Annie really had lounging down to an art today…)

Thanks as always to Monica for conceiving of and sponsoring this delightful holiday (and happy birthday)!

Four Reasons to HOOT!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Here are four reasons to join us at HOOT! on May 13th at Sodo Park in Seattle.

These photos were taken today as the chimpanzees explored and enjoyed their home. Take a moment on this Earth Day to appreciate their happiness.

Their sanctuary life is only possible with the support of so many people out there, and our annual gala plays a big role in raising funds for their care and our exciting plans for the future.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to HOOT! yet, don’t delay – buy them now! If you are unable to attend, we’ll miss you, but you can still take part by making a donation. We’ll also have just a few items available for bidding online – details coming soon.


hoot logo


Annie eating fresh spring grass:

annie eating grass


Burrito taking a brief break from foraging for lunch:

handsome burrito


This is a very contented face on Jamie:

Jamie happily sitting


Jody has the best drooped lip face!

Jody with drooped lip

Happy Earth Day! Thank you for helping us grow!





For Earth Day and the chimpanzees!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

This day was sponsored by Debbie Bloom in honor of the chimpanzees and this beautiful Earth we all share. She shares this lovely message about today:

“In honor of Earth Day it seems appropriate to celebrate all of these beautiful creatures. They bring such joy and intrigue into our lives – especially mine. I only wish that I could read their minds.” 

Debbie, on this day in which we’re given a special opportunity to honor and celebrate this amazing earth, and to protect and preserve all we cherish, we love that you’ve chosen to include the chimps. Thank you so much for honoring the special individuals they are and all they bring to our lives just by being themselves.

There is so much to love on this earth. Especially these seven chimpanzees. Safe, thriving and loved in a beautiful world to call their own, thanks to each of you.








In honor of Bryan Pease

Friday, April 21st, 2017

This day of sanctuary was sponsored by Kery Shaw and Terran Baylor in honor of their friend, Bryan Pease! They shared this special message about their kind gift:

“Bryan is a good friend who advocates for animals and humans. Although, his birthday was April 8th, today activists around the world are speaking out for animals in laboratories. Today we honor Bryan who has been a huge voice for animals in labs, we honor the animals, especially the seven chimps at CSNW. Bryan is one of the top rated civil rights attorneys in San Diego and has met the stringent selection criteria of the national rating agency SuperLawyers. He is a public interest attorney focusing on government transparency and accountability, freedom of speech and assembly, and environmental, animal and consumer protection. In the June 2016 California primary election, over 23,000 registered Democrats voted for Bryan to be their San Diego County Democratic Central Committee delegate, giving him the most number of votes in the county out of 73 candidates across six state assembly districts. Bryan has fought for many San Diegans who would not be able to afford an attorney if it weren’t for Bryan’s pro bono work. For his entire legal and professional career, Bryan has worked tirelessly defending the public interest. He has successfully fought for environmental and consumer protection, defended against employment and housing discrimination, and enforced the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act. In addition to running his own law firm, Bryan has taught as an adjunct law professor, inspiring law students to pursue public interest law. Bryan also regularly provides pro bono legal services to homeless veterans and small nonprofit organizations. Bryan has also served as a board member of Ocean Beach Peoples Co-Op from 2008-2015, OB’s largest employer, and for the past 10 years, he has been the volunteer executive director of a nonprofit thrift store in San Diego that benefits animal and environmental protection causes.” We love you Bryan! Love Kery & Terran.”

Kery and Terran, thank you for adding to the chimpanzees’ lives by celebrating such an inspirational human as Bryan and for always holding the chimpanzees in your hearts. To you both, as well as Bryan, thank you for all you do for our fellow humans and animals and for making the world a better place for us all!




Jamie, Missy, Burrito, Annie and Foxie:

Annie and Missy:


jody leek



Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Today’s day of sanctuary was sponsored by Janet Annal in honor of her son, Matthew Annal! Janet shared this message about today:

“Happy belated birthday! Matthew is a chimp aficionado and spreads information with his chimpanzee puppet. He was able to visit CSNW several years ago to get to know the chimps better and make sure he represents them accurately. Way to go, Matt!!”

Janet, thank you for choosing to celebrate Matthew’s special day by making a difference for the chimpanzees! What a generous thing to do.

Matthew, we hope you have the best birthday yet! Thank you so much for caring about chimpanzees and for all the work you do to share your passion and information with others. Happy Birthday from all of us at CSNW!

Burrito loves a good party (as long as there’s plenty of food, of course):

Burrito with streamers

A perfect spot

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

If you are Jamie, your perfect spot at the sanctuary is out on Young’s Hill performing a perimeter patrol.

If you’re Missy, you are also out on Young’s Hill, just moving at light speed!

If you’re Annie, your favorite spot is on a high platform with the sun on your face (with Missy close by of course).

If you’re Foxie, your perfect spot is anywhere you can take your favorite doll.

If you’re Jody, your favorite spot is right in the middle of a giant nest being groomed by your friends.

If you’re Negra, your favorite spot is the coziest, most sun-filled area you can possibly find.

And if you’re Burrito, your favorite spot isn’t as important as making sure your mouth and hands are both full of food at the exact same time!

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

A day of celebration and sanctuary was sponsored by Sharon Langone in honor of her husband, Matt! Sharon shared this wonderful message about today:

“I’d like to sponsor a day in honour of my husband Matt whose birthday is 18th April. It’s also our anniversary, married 9 years! We both love the chimps and one of the highlights of our day is checking the blog to see what the gang has been up to.”  

So much to celebrate! Matt, we hope this is the happiest birthday yet for you!

Sharon, thank you so much for sponsoring such a special day for your family and including the chimpanzees, we’re so touched! And Happy Anniversary to you both from all of us here at CSNW! Have a wonderful day!

Good friends, Burrito and Jody:

Easter 2017 Part II

Monday, April 17th, 2017

The day after the big celebration the chimpanzees have been napping, resting and eating light, recovering from yesterday’s all day party! As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, here are a few photos from the first Young’s Hill forage of the year (aka Easter Party #2):

Annie picking carrots we “buried” for the chimps to harvest:

Jody and Negra (Negra was ALL over the place! It was her day 🙂 ):

Jody finds a quiet spot to enjoy her spoils:

Missy scored on corn:

Foxie and Dora on the hunt for Easter eggs filled with nuts and berries:

Boss lady, Jamie, thrilled with her beloved leeks:

And a bonus video of Easter shenanigans from the breakfast forage:

The pant-hoot vs the pant-grunt, as demonstrated by Burrito and Jody

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Sometimes it takes a little bit of play-by-play commentary to understand chimpanzee behavior..

In this video you can see Burrito displaying and pant-hooting. A chimpanzee displays when they want to look tough and intimidating to others. You will notice Burrito’s hair is erect (making him look fluffy) and he stands bipedal to make himself appear larger. A pant-hoot is a low and breathy call that rises into a louder scream-like call, and it often accompanies a display.

This particular display happened shortly after a small fight between the chimpanzees had just ended. As a fight winds down, the chimps tend to separate and let off the last little bit of “steam” they built up during the fight.

After Burrito’s display, you will see Jody approaching him and doing a lot of submissive behavior. You can see she stays low in a crouch and bobs up and down when approaching him. You can also hear her try to placate his building display with deep rapid pant-grunts. I think J.B. mentioned a while ago, but but this kind of submissive behavior isn’t necessarily a sign that Jody deeply respects Burrito, but more that she wants to avoid getting smacked during his charging display.

Spring, storms, this and that.

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Springs storms are rolling through the area today and in typical fashion we go from sun, to cold wind, to rain, to hail and back to sun.

But spring hail (if you live in Cle Elum :)) brings the first tiniest of spring flowers:

No matter the weather, Missy asks to have the barn doors at the end of the playroom open and checks the garden every day!

And every time we open them up for the chimps to have a peek, it creates quite a ruckus and Missy is thrilled. She and Missy immediately began chasing each other around the playroom, laughing:

Jamie was keeping a close eye on the approaching storms from the chimp house windows after an aborted attempt at walking around the hill. She left me standing half way up on the windy hillside calling after her as she high-tailed it back to the greenhouse. Maybe she’s becoming a fair weather chimp?

It’s been a quiet afternoon with the unpredictable weather and the chimps have mostly congregated together in the toasty greenhouse to groom. If you are new to chimpanzee behavior, grooming is extremely important in chimp society. It’s a way to clean themselves and one another as well as to attend to any wounds, but it’s primary importance is that of building and maintaining their bonds with one another. Chimps use grooming to build relationships in the hierarchy and “get in good” with the more dominant chimps, it’s how they maintain bonds with friends, it’s how they soothe and calm each other and it’s how they make up after a fight. And here at CSNW, sometimes the chimps will choose to include their caregivers in their grooming. The chimpanzees relationships with one another are always the priority, but it’s always special when they include us.

Missy likes to groom herself with a small stick (seen here grooming her own arm) and invited me to do the same. For safety reasons we never allow our fingers to pass through the caging and the chimps know that if they want us to groom them or give them a knuckle rub, they have to press their body against the caging. You can’t see it here, but I am only using my forefinger and thumb to hold the tool – we keep as many fingers as we can tucked back for safety…That leg!

Here Annie (using her lips on her arm) and Jody are self-grooming:

Burrito was resting in the corner while Foxie groomed him, but he eventually moved down to groom with Jody:

The chimps have been loving the greenhouse today and even after an exciting dinner forage of roasted onions, pears, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes, they all took their evening enrichment of peanut butter in containers out to the greenhouse to enjoy. This is pretty unusual because they are typically building their night nests about this time. Keri and I said goodnight and received “crickets” in response. 🙂 Goodnight chimps! Goodnight friends of chimps!