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Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Jessica Keogh sponsored this day of sanctuary in honor of her boyfriend, Jonathan Londono, and in celebration of his birthday! Jessica shared this message about today:

“I am sponsoring today in honor of my boyfriend, Jonathan, on his birthday. One of the first things Jonathan told me as we were getting to know each other was that when he retired he wanted to study primatology to work with chimpanzees. I thought he was joking, but quickly learned he was kind of serious. Fortunately for me his enthusiasm is contagious, and fortunately for us we discovered CSNW. We follow the blog and watch your videos together. Jonathan really enjoys watching the way the chimps eat. Actually he enjoys everything they do. Mostly though, we follow along because we greatly respect the work you do and appreciate the home you have provided for the chimps. So thank you and happy birthday, Jonathan!”

We love that you both get so much enjoyment from following the chimps! Thank you so much for caring about them and for sponsoring today for Jonathan, Jessica! Your compassionate gift makes a difference in their lives and we so appreciate it.

Well, Jonathan, Burrito knows a thing or two about eating:

The chimps like to watch each other eat as well (food peer), but only when they are curious to see what their friend is eating and hoping they might be in the mood to share. Here is Foxie is checking out Annie’s pine tree snack:

Annie is hoping Negra might share that cabbage:

Happy Birthday, Jonathan, from all of us at CSNW! We hope it’s the best one yet! Hopefully it involves your favorite foods without the pressure to share with others who are staring at you. If it helps, the chimps are rarely swayed. 🙂

Even brisker mornings

Monday, December 4th, 2017

We have a stunning week of sun ahead of us in the forecast and even though the temperatures are progressively colder, the bright sun is filling everyone with adventurous spirits and joyful days. As Kelsi shared in her blog yesterday, even the Queen has been braving the chill to enjoy time outside.

Despite that, when I opened the door to Young’s Hill first thing this morning I couldn’t have been more surprised to see everyone literally racing outside seemingly on a group mission. Foxie and her doll headed straight for the nearest platforms where she proceeded to play stomp and shiver her way around with a mischievous look on her face.

Here she is mid-stomp:

Jody, Annie and Burrito wasted no time heading straight for the tire swings and it didn’t take long to realize they were remembering that the cold weather brings ice treats to be found in the tire swings! I love that they remember favorite things from each season now.


Burrito found some ice pieces Annie and Jody missed:

Annie and Jody heading back toward the greenhouse with their ice chunks (Missy foreground):

Annie headed to the greenhouse:

Jamie on her way back from the business of the morning:

Annie returned to the outdoors seemingly to just enjoy the view and the feel the elements:

After Jody came inside with her ice she immediately realized that Foxie was still outside in the cold and charged back up the hill to collect her. Foxie is an adventurous soul and declined Jody’s encouragement to return to the greenhouse (much to Jody’s dismay) and continued on her way checking things out, but she eventually made her way back:

It makes my heart sing to see how the chimps embrace their days and everything they discover within each one, how adventurous and brave they’ve become, and how, well, themselves they’ve become. Winter, spring, summer and fall, they show us a new season of themselves.

Brisk Mornings

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Today was a beautiful brisk December morning, Jamie and I were on our usual perimeter walk. At the end of our walk I noticed Missy and Negra enjoying the warm sunshine beaming on Young’s Hill. Negra sat on a log watching Missy eat the little bit of snow left on the log, Negra then also took part in eating some snow! The Hill was pretty popular today even with the chill this morning, everyone made an appearance at one point. A little later, after I went back to the Playroom to help clean, I spotted Annie playing with the new mirror in the Greenhouse. Annie was being silly and flipping upside down and inspecting all the windows. Missy revealed herself from the cargo net near Annie, which made sense, Annie was trying to get Missy to play! It worked, they quietly played in the cargo net and I sneaked away so they could play in peace.


Missy eating snow:

Negra on the log & Missy eating snow:


Negra enjoying some snow:

Annie looking into the mirror:


Annie checking the window frames:

Missy taking a turn playing with the mirror (can you see her toes?):


The Seven Reasons Why

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

The love of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest donors never ceases to amaze me.

You all exceeded the $15,000 goal for Giving Tuesday, and there are still several hours left in the day, so I’ve bumped up the goal to $20,000!

I know why you’re so generous. It’s the same seven reasons that motivate me.


burrito sitting



annie in yoga pose



Jody in fall grass



Negra eating pomegranate



foxie biting dora








and their lives at the sanctuary:


Annie Giving Tuesday



Second Day of Thanks, Featuring Kathy & Annie

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

This is the second installment in our week of thanks highlighting seven donors that represent seven different types of giving, while also highlighting the seven chimpanzees.

As I mentioned yesterday in the first post highlighting Bruce Davidson’s legacy giving, we at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest have a lot of people to be thankful for every day, and there is not a single day that goes by that I am not actively thinking about how grateful I am for all of the supporters who make up the family of the sanctuary.

Today, I have chosen to highlight Kathy Cochran for her event giving. Kathy is a retired lawyer and a current photographer (check out her amazing photography here). She was an early donor to the sanctuary, starting in 2008. Here is why Kathy gives to CSNW, in her own words,

I represented pharmaceutical companies in litigation for many years, and in that capacity learned about animal testing as a part of gaining approval from the FDA.  When I heard about CSNW, I felt one way I could thank and apologize to these beings for their involuntary (and often unnecessary) servitude was to contribute to CSNW. I have since followed this sanctuary closely, and get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that this is an organization addressing the aftermath of society’s mistreatment of these intelligent and soulful beings.

What better chimpanzee to feature as the intelligent and soulful being that she is than Annie?

Annie chin hair

(above photo of Annie by J.B.)

Like many of the donors we’ll be talking about over the week, Kathy has given and shown her support in several different ways, including lending her artistic talents in designing promotional material and donating photos for our auctions. Raising her paddle during the donation portion of our gala events has been her “specialty” of sorts. Even on years when she wasn’t able to attend our gala, she made sure that there was a proxy bidder to make her donation.

Each year, auctioneer Laura Michalek has been able to leverage Kathy’s raise-the-paddle pledge to inspire others to give during the sometimes knuckle-biting portion of the auction. Kathy’s event donations have gone towards crucial general operating expenses, helped create a greenhouse out of the chimps’ original “outdoor” area, aided in the completion of Young’s Hill, allowed us to purchase and outfit a trailer into a veterinary clinic, and, most recently, have contributed to the Bring Them Home expansion fund for the chimpanzee building expansion.

That was fun to write all of that out, because it shows how integral event donations have been to the last nine years of sanctuary. Wow!

If you’re the type that plans ahead, or if you’re the type that tends to forget (that probably covers everyone, right?), and you’re able to get yourself to Seattle next spring, add the date for next year’s HOOT! gala to all of your calendars now: Saturday, May 19th.

Between Kathy today and Bruce and Burrito yesterday, I hope you are feeling the thankfulness and inspiration too.


Below are a few more photos of the beautiful Annie for even more inspiration.


This one, also taken by J.B., symbolizes how far Annie has come. Looking at her calm face as she is perched high up on the twister structure alone, it’s easy to forget the anxiety-filled Annie that we met when she arrived at the sanctuary.

Annie on twister


Annie knows herself so much better now, and her awakening has been a beautiful experience to witness.

annie with bit of tree



Between friends

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Early this morning began with a little snow, then an utter downpour, which has turned into a chilly, but sunny afternoon. Jamie, unphased by the chill in the air, has kept staff caregiver, Kelsi, busy walking all afternoon. In the meantime, the other chimps have been enjoying quiet moments with one another in sunny spots indoors.

Good friends, Burrito and Foxie, enjoying some grooming time in the greenhouse:

Annie (background) and best friend, Missy, enjoying one another’s company in the sun coming into the raceway which leads onto Young’s Hill:

Jody was also in the raceway, but decidedly NOT with a friend. When I walked up to the tunnel I saw her intently looking at something with concern while avoiding touching the ground:

The second Jody saw me coming she clung to the caging, eyes big, hair standing on end and asking me for reassurance before running inside. I thought it might be a snake and when I went to check it out I found, well, not quite a snake, but still…:

Happy Birthday, Kery!

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Today was sponsored by long-time supporter and friend to the chimps, Kery Shaw! Kery shared this lovely message about her gift:

“Today, as I celebrate my birthday I take this moment to reflect on my life and think about all the incredible beings that have come into my life over the past couple of years. November … a time for giving thanks and gratitude. To the chimps: Burrito, Jamie, Jody, Annie, Missy, Foxie, and Negra who have humbled me. They have showed me how to forgive, how to have fun and mostly how to love. To Diana, JB, Katelyn and the rest of the staff and volunteers thank you for all you do and dedicating your life to these magnificent beings. Today and every day I celebrate all of you at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest! From the bottom of my heart thank you for all you do. Much love and gratitude, Kery Shaw – The Stolen Lives Project”

Kery, given all that you do to advocate for and bring awareness and compassion to the lives of our fellow animals, we so appreciate you thinking of the chimpanzees on your own special day. We hope you have a wonderful day in which your kind heart is filled with light and joy. Happy Birthday from all the primates at CSNW!

Burrito and Jody:

Burrito and Jody with bamboo

Missy and Annie:

Jamie, Foxie and Dora:

Foxie doll on back

Negra and Foxie:

Blowing off steam

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Mornings in the chimp house have been, well, shall we say a little intense the past few days. With what seems to be an early winter, changing routines and closer quarters at mealtimes, we usually experience a little adjustment period with the changing seasons. Breakfast is often pre-empted with the normal raucous and rowdy displays and cage rattling from Burrito (with some extra flare this time of year) which leads to the usual arguments and scuffles with the girls flying after him screaming at the tops of their lungs. Then with tensions high and breakfast being served in the warmer (but smaller) front rooms, it’s been every caregiver for themselves during breakfast service which has frequently involved dodging (if you’re lucky) flying feces from the boss lady. Most of this is normal chimpanzee behavior and all of it is understandable. We all have to blow off steam sometimes.

The chimps also sometimes choose to exert some sense of control over their changing routine or avoid tension in the group by choosing to stay in areas when we are attempting to shift them to others so we can clean. This is Missy’s favorite time to stay back on her own in the playroom and hoot and holler from the loft to her hearts content. Jody also loves to bring her snack into the front rooms when she sees me attempting to close the doors. I leave the area at which point she leaves the front rooms, but the second she sees me looking that way she runs back in. But as we’ve said many times, part of the importance and beauty of sanctuary is the chimpanzees having the choice to call the shots and make their own choices as much as possible. And we’re only too happy to follow their lead.

So after the breakfast kerfuffle, When this morning dawned warmer and somewhat sunny, we couldn’t have been more thrilled for the chimps to have the chance to spend much of the day outside zooming about, racing and running with each other and their caregivers, and just getting some space from one another, taking in the sights and getting some fresh air.

And while Negra still chose to stay inside in her cozy nest, she was entertained by no less than four caregivers dancing like maniacs as she nodded along with approval. It’s been a good day.

Burrito, Annie and Foxie (below):

Burrito and Annie:

Annie checking out the comings and goings of the sanctuary:


Jody started to head back to the greenhouse with a favorite pine tree treat, but stopped short of going inside to check on all her friends. Jody spotted Foxie hanging out by herself and decided she needed to go collect her:

Jamie was thrilled to be out and about and has Kelsi running (literally) around the hill all the live long day:

New Enrichment!

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

We thought the chimpanzees should get something new and exciting since we raised more than expected on Giving Day for Apes…



A lavender haired troll

Monday, October 30th, 2017

The chimps have been enjoying another low-key beautiful autumn day and when they aren’t zooming around Young’s Hill, they are napping in a sun puddle somewhere. Many of the chimps chose to nest at the top of the sunny greenhouse for much of the day and among them we noticed a popular lavender-haired companion.



Good thing the chimps are resting up and enjoying these golden days because the chimp house is all a flurry with preparations for “Jamieween” tomorrow, Jamie’s 40th birthday! Pumpkins are roasting, gift bags are being stuffed and new cowboy boots are being shined. Happy Jamieween Eve everyone!!