Quiet Moments

February 11th, 2018 by Kelsi

Another beautiful February day is in the books and the chimps couldn’t be happier! Jamie and I spent quite some time with each other today. While our amazing volunteers cleaned, Jamie and I went for a nice slow and mellow walk. The sun was shining down, the view was amazing, and you couldn’t ask for better company. All the chimps were out ripping around Young’s Hill, meanwhile Jamie and I just sauntered around. Jamie looked so relaxed and at peace (if Jamie is relaxed I know I have done my job that day). Afterward, we went in and groomed her boot, she relaxed some more and I began to knuckle rub her arm and groom her with a brush. These are the nice little moments I will cherish forever.




Foxie carrying her doll:


5 Responses to “Quiet Moments”

  1. Jo Lathrop says:

    Beautiful post Kelsi!! Thank you for it!! Yes, the little moments are treasures, you are soooooo right! Love and hugs to you all….

  2. Gabi Ford says:

    Ahhhh, look at Foxie carrying her doll on her back! I love it! Nice time for relaxed chimpanzees on an outing. Thanks for capturing these moments.

  3. Kathleen says:

    This is the sweetest post Kelsi. I can feel your admiration and love for Jamie. You are so lucky to be able to bond and form friendships with Jamie and the gang. I envy you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all of these wonderful photos!

  4. lisa says:

    foxie would have been the best momma. i know that they took four babies from her. ouch. thank you all CSNW for giving her the best life in her adult / senior years. each of them is so, so worthy of the beautiful, simple and quiet moments that they get from all of you at the sanctuary. i cannot even begin to imagine all of the hard work that each and every one of you workers and volunteers do there at the sanctuary. “it takes a village” and i am grateful. thanks for blogging these beautiful moments. and even some of the sassy ones too. most sincerely, lisa

  5. Jackie says:

    A beautiful day! Thanks for sharing.

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