Happy Birthday, Judy!

February 12th, 2018 by Katelyn

Today was sponsored by Kathy Sorensen in celebration of her sister Judy Ford’s birthday!

“This is in honor of my sister Judy’s birthday. She has appreciated the souls of chimps for a long time. Last summer I brought her to the sanctuary and she loved it! I wish her a wonderful birthday!”

Kathy, thank you so much for including the chimpanzees in celebrating Judy’s special day! What a lovely gift for all primates involved! We’re so glad you were both able to make it out for our summer visit program.

Judy, we hope you have a beautiful birthday and so appreciate you helping to make a difference in the chimps’ lives! May your day be filled with all the things that make your heart sing!

Soul sisters, Annie and Missy:

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Judy!”

  1. Tobin says:

    I have long admired (if also been a tad envious of) Annie’s bed-hair. Having seen the above photographs, I now understand the reason behind her perpetual pilo-erected plumage: A large, athletic chimpanzee (with seven times the strength of a human animal, no less) has her big toe in her mighty grip! Run, Annie, run!

  2. Merle says:

    These pictures are so beautiful and makes me smile. Happy Birthday to your sister from one who also loves Chimps.

  3. Gabi Ford says:

    Deeeeelightful! 🙂

  4. Judy Ford says:

    My sister Kathy and I had a delightful visit with the staff and chimps. I enjoy the pictures and stories of the adventures at the sanctuary. Thank you.

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