False Spring at the Sanctuary

February 10th, 2018 by Diana

I have to keep reminding myself that we’re just in the second week of February. It feels like the end of March outside today, and we haven’t even had much of a winter, making the warm temperature, singing birds, sun, and bare grass even more confusing.

Missy, for one, is embracing it all.

She shot out onto the hill this morning and I’ve hardly seen her indoors all day.


This sanctuary was made for her…



Thank you to everyone who makes Missy’s sanctuary life possible!

3 Responses to “False Spring at the Sanctuary”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Your description “She shot out onto the hill…” cracked me up. I could see Missy vividly, shooting out the door like a cannonball!! Wonderful how she makes up for lost time. I just love her. Thank you for giving Missy her true self.

  2. Merle says:

    Wish I was there cause it has been snowing here for a full 48 hours and not sure when it will stop. I will imagine that I am sitting next to Missy.

  3. Tobin says:

    So, as it is written, Missy “shot out onto the Hill.” Was she fleeing Annie, lest her best friend tickle grab ahold of her toes and tickle her feet some more?

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