Adventure Interrupted

February 6th, 2018 by Elizabeth

Jamie may be the leader of the Cle Elum Seven, but Jody is the den mother. She always looks out for the other chimps – making sure they’re safe and accounted for – and sometimes this means “collecting” them if they venture too far outside.

This morning Negra seemed in the mood for a little outdoor adventure, but “mama” Jody wasn’t so sure.

8 Responses to “Adventure Interrupted”

  1. Gabi Ford says:

    Paradise! 😀

  2. Jackie says:

    It’s wonderful to have a caring friend!

  3. Connie Buckley says:

    Negra has such an odd gait, especially with her back end. I guess I’ve never noticed or paid attention to her walking before. Does she maybe have some weakness in her hind end? Could that account for her doing so much resting? She also seemed a bit confused while Jody was bringing her back, Do chimpanzees ever get dementia? Not meaning to be an alarmist, just wondering. The chimps are so blessed to be at this sanctuary. But as we all age, we all are subject to an increasing evidence of illnesses.


    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Connie! It’s entirely possible that Negra has some muscle weakness or stiffness associated with aging. She’s had the same gait since she arrived here in 2008, so it doesn’t seem to be worsening, and it definitely doesn’t seem to keep her from doing anything she wants to do. She’s actually lost a little weight and become more active over the years! It’s hard to say whether she spends a lot of time in bed because she’s stiff, or whether she’s stiff because she spends a lot of time in bed. 🙂

      • Elizabeth says:

        Oops, I forgot to answer the other part of your question. There is recent research that shows that elderly chimpanzees can develop the same plaques and tangles that cause Alzheimer’s in humans, though it’s not clear whether they experience dementia. We haven’t noticed any particular signs of confusion or dementia in Negra – I think what you’re seeing in this video is a slightly distracted Negra who was pretty ambivalent about being outside in the first place trying to decide whether to follow Jody back in. 🙂

        • Connie Buckley says:

          Thank you. I so appreciate your expert eyes on the chimps, and your view of what is actually happening. You guys rock!!!

  4. Kathleen says:

    That was just so funny to see! It’s almost as if Negra thought she could sneak away but then thought better of it! Sweet Jody, what a caring friend. Even Foxie kept an eye on Negra. So touching.

    Many thanks Elizabeth for your answers to Connie’s interesting questions. It does appear as Negra has an unusual gait, almost as if it is something with her right foot. I feel better after reading your explanation.

  5. lisa says:

    so many adjectives come to mind to describe this “sweet” video. precious, beautiful, awesome, caring, sweet, as i said before – and . . . my favorite one . . . love !!!

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