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Remembering Bill

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Today is sponsored by Kenneth Epstein in honor of Nicki Walters and in memory of her husband, Bill “Twister” Walters, on his birthday. Kenneth shared this message about today:

“Nicki Walters honored her husband Bill by sponsoring the chimps on his birthday. That beautiful gesture of love inspired me and many of their friends and family to share their love of the chimps. So much so that the Twister structure was built the following year in Bill’s honor. We lost Bill to cancer a few months later but he got to see the chimps play on the structure named after him. While we miss Bill we know that nothing would make him happier than knowing that the chimps are partying in his honor.”

We at CSNW are so thankful for the generosity of Bill, Nicki, and their family and friends. The chimpanzees continue to receive so much joy from their wonderful gift of the “Twister” structure! This morning as the chimps ventured out onto the Hill, Missy raced up the Twister as Jamie and Annie watched from below. When Missy started to climb down from the top she began to do somersaults all the way down, from firehose to firehose! We’ve never seen her do this before! It continues to be a favorite lookout for Jamie to oversee her home, especially during the long summer evenings. The joy the Twister has brought to the chimps is unforgettable, just like Bill.

CSNW had a very busy Sunday! Old friends visiting, our wonderful interns taking ID tests (and killing it!), materials being dropped off from the Chimpanzee and Human Communicate Institute, and of course cleaning. Jamie also received a new pair of boots yesterday, which she is very happy about. In the morning after I gave the chimps access to Young’s Hill, Jamie sprinted through the raceway very pilo and very excited for us to put the boots on and walk around the Hill! Young’s Hill was a hot commodity this morning. It felt like a warm spring day and the chimps were all about it! But at last the cold breeze came and it went back and forth between almost a rain storm and being sunny. The chimps enjoyed their sun while they could and Jamie persevered as usual being the amazing person she is. Here are a collection of photos throughout the day:

Missy ripping around the Hill this morning:

Missy waiting for Annie:


Later Annie & Missy basked in the sun, grooming and playing with each others toes:

Jamie our fierce leader:

Missy was backing Jamie up on the Hill, helping with surveillance:


Jody was the gate keeper waiting for everyone to get in safely:

Foxie spending some time with her doll:

Happy Birthday, Sherry!

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

The chimpanzees’ good friend, Sherry Berman, is celebrating her birthday today by sponsoring a day of sanctuary for them! Sherry has been a long-time supporter of the chimps and has made a lasting difference in their lives and we’re so happy to share in her special day. Sherry shared this message about her lovely gift:

“It is a double duty day…my birthday and Superbowl. Time for some celebrating for the fabulous 7. They bring me such joy on a daily basis from across the country so I would like them to celebrate along with me.”

Happiest of birthdays to you, Sherry! We couldn’t be happier than to share in your celebration and hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you so much for always holding the chimps in your heart and for all you do to help us care for them. We’re so grateful to you.

I think Missy plays in her own Superbowl every day:

missy bipedal with food

Missy running