Not Your Typical Day

January 7th, 2018 by Kelsi

Today was not our typical lazy Sunday at CSNW. After the chimps received access to the Hill everyone was out with Jamie, well everyone except Negra… Foxie was especially gleeful this morning. Foxie invited staff Caregiver Katelyn for a fun game of flip and hang upside down while tickling her with her doll, which I mean who could say no to that! Foxie is always playful and has the craziest moves, but today she put it all out on the dance floor. Check out the video to see Foxie’s moves.

Bonus photos of Foxie on Young’s Hill yesterday (photo credit to Diana, they were just to good to not share):

10 Responses to “Not Your Typical Day”

  1. Donna Oleksiuk says:

    That’s a great little video. So wonderful to see her being goofy and having fun! 🙂

    I was wondering what happened to her back. It looks like some sore places. Hope she’s okay.

    <3 <3 <3

    • Kelsi says:

      Hi Donna, great question! Foxie had a few small scratches. Unfortunately, the chimps over groom their wounds, sometimes making it look worse than it is. We check the scratches everyday and use an antiseptic spray on it. Foxie is doing very well!

  2. Lorraine Gordon says:

    Has Foxie been in a fight lately?

  3. Alice says:

    I was wondering about her back as well thanks for the update.

  4. Jo Lathrop says:

    Gr8 vid!! TY so much for it! Glad to hear the sore areas are doing good. Must be challenging to take care of them physically without physical access!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U all do a GR8 job! Hugs to you all….

  5. Jackie says:

    Great video of fun loving Foxie!

  6. Kathleen says:

    When did we humans loose our flexibility!? Foxie’s moves are unbelievable and I was cracking up watching her, especially at about 1:56 into the video. Seriously, she is so funny….. and sweet.

  7. Arlene and Michael says:

    Oh Foxie I love you. How sweet and silly hanging upside and doing the handstands. She must be very happy. I too am glad that her back is ok♥ Great outside photos Diana. Looks like she Foxie had a great day!

  8. Tobin says:

    Given her friend’s excitement at his birthday celebration the day before, I wonder if Foxie was trying to emulate Burrito? I love seeing her upside-down play face.

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