Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

December 5th, 2017 by Katelyn

Jessica Keogh sponsored this day of sanctuary in honor of her boyfriend, Jonathan Londono, and in celebration of his birthday! Jessica shared this message about today:

“I am sponsoring today in honor of my boyfriend, Jonathan, on his birthday. One of the first things Jonathan told me as we were getting to know each other was that when he retired he wanted to study primatology to work with chimpanzees. I thought he was joking, but quickly learned he was kind of serious. Fortunately for me his enthusiasm is contagious, and fortunately for us we discovered CSNW. We follow the blog and watch your videos together. Jonathan really enjoys watching the way the chimps eat. Actually he enjoys everything they do. Mostly though, we follow along because we greatly respect the work you do and appreciate the home you have provided for the chimps. So thank you and happy birthday, Jonathan!”

We love that you both get so much enjoyment from following the chimps! Thank you so much for caring about them and for sponsoring today for Jonathan, Jessica! Your compassionate gift makes a difference in their lives and we so appreciate it.

Well, Jonathan, Burrito knows a thing or two about eating:

The chimps like to watch each other eat as well (food peer), but only when they are curious to see what their friend is eating and hoping they might be in the mood to share. Here is Foxie is checking out Annie’s pine tree snack:

Annie is hoping Negra might share that cabbage:

Happy Birthday, Jonathan, from all of us at CSNW! We hope it’s the best one yet! Hopefully it involves your favorite foods without the pressure to share with others who are staring at you. If it helps, the chimps are rarely swayed. 🙂

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Jonathan!”

  1. elaine reininger says:

    love the head in the pumpkin shot–really cracked me up

  2. Kathleen says:

    One can never tire of seeing Mr. B with his head in that pumpkin!!! What a goofball! And I bet poor Annie never received a tiny taste of Negra’s crispy cabbage. 😉

    Happy birthday to you Johnathan, I hope you achieve your goal of becoming a primatologist! It’s a dream of mine I’ll never find time to achieve so go for it with gusto!

  3. Tobin says:

    Poor Annie. If only she had some fresh grass to trade with Foxie or Negra. Well, maybe she can trade some snow or ice from outside in exchange for some produce. Or maybe Peter Pumpkinhead (a/k/a Burrito Chimpanzee) can loan the lid of the Jack o’ Lantern…