Even brisker mornings

December 4th, 2017 by Katelyn

We have a stunning week of sun ahead of us in the forecast and even though the temperatures are progressively colder, the bright sun is filling everyone with adventurous spirits and joyful days. As Kelsi shared in her blog yesterday, even the Queen has been braving the chill to enjoy time outside.

Despite that, when I opened the door to Young’s Hill first thing this morning I couldn’t have been more surprised to see everyone literally racing outside seemingly on a group mission. Foxie and her doll headed straight for the nearest platforms where she proceeded to play stomp and shiver her way around with a mischievous look on her face.

Here she is mid-stomp:

Jody, Annie and Burrito wasted no time heading straight for the tire swings and it didn’t take long to realize they were remembering that the cold weather brings ice treats to be found in the tire swings! I love that they remember favorite things from each season now.


Burrito found some ice pieces Annie and Jody missed:

Annie and Jody heading back toward the greenhouse with their ice chunks (Missy foreground):

Annie headed to the greenhouse:

Jamie on her way back from the business of the morning:

Annie returned to the outdoors seemingly to just enjoy the view and the feel the elements:

After Jody came inside with her ice she immediately realized that Foxie was still outside in the cold and charged back up the hill to collect her. Foxie is an adventurous soul and declined Jody’s encouragement to return to the greenhouse (much to Jody’s dismay) and continued on her way checking things out, but she eventually made her way back:

It makes my heart sing to see how the chimps embrace their days and everything they discover within each one, how adventurous and brave they’ve become, and how, well, themselves they’ve become. Winter, spring, summer and fall, they show us a new season of themselves.

6 Responses to “Even brisker mornings”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful photos, not just of the chimps but of the their home. The colors on Young’s Hill this time of year are lovely. It’s the way the chartreuse bamboo pops out from the soft, natural tans. So very beautiful. Seeing Jody and Annie both bipedal marching down the path gave me a good chuckle. It is very sweet how they remember and get excited to find the hidden ice pieces each winter. Thanks for giving them this beautiful free morning.

  2. Jo Lathrop says:

    Gorgeous pix and wonderful post that I appreciate sooooooo much!! Thank you ~ almost seems as if they had communicated to each other about the ice ~ I’m sure they are gifted telepathic communicators!! Enjoy these days and hugs to you all…..

  3. elaine reininger says:

    Remembering where the ice chunks would be from a previous winter makes me wonder if they ever remember their horrible existence in the steel jail cells where they were kept most of their lives at the medical lab. .

  4. Sharon says:

    so wonderful seeing the chimps enjoying being chimps and enjoying life. I too wonder if they remember the early days of their past….

  5. Merle Rosenzweig says:

    We must learn from them to enjoy every season!

  6. Arlene and Michael says:

    How beautiful it must be to witness the chimps interacting and going about their day, making their own choices. I would love to be there in person, walking the perimeter with Jamie and any of the other chimps who wanted to come along, to watch them coming and going to Young’s Hill, and exploring – to see and hear them for myself, to meet these special chimp people I have watched and read about – how glorious!