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Readying for winter

Monday, December 11th, 2017

We are continuing to luck out with dry winter weather so far, but that doesn’t mean it’s warm. We have a wind chill in the low twenties today so the chimps have been going from nesting to grooming to playing like wild indoors for most of the day.

Burrito took a brief respite as he waited for a human friend to resume their rambunctious game of chase:

After building up to it all day, Jamie decided to take a run, I mean a RUN, around the hill and everyone except Foxie and Negra decided to join in! Everyone was running every which way in the cold, hair standing on end, and then quickly scurried back to the chimp house for some warm tea.

After tea service, Jamie requested the remaining tea and the entire jug. Naturally. It didn’t take her long to realize it was going to be too awkward to inch the jug up the caging to drink so she decided to use a plastic tube as a giant straw:

With a belly of warm tea, Foxie decided to curl up on the heated floor with her many dolls du jour for a nap:

The Queen also partook of the tea service and then returned to her nest wrapped up and cozy with a “Do Not Disturb Until Dinner” aura about her:

The chimps aren’t the only ones getting ready for winter. Walking the property earlier today I ran into several of our deer neighbors. They are so beautiful in all their winter finery and it’s really good to see them heading into winter in great shape. We are so fortunate to share this property with some of the same mamas year after year and get to see their children grow over the course of the seasons. Last spring I was able to capture one of our neighborhood mamas with one of her newborn twins:

And here they are today: