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A Christmas Preview

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

This week has been filled with sunshine and no-snow, which is somewhat unusual for December in Central Washington. These lovely weather conditions, combined with the fact that the chimps have received a surplus stock of Christmas gifts, made us decide to do a Christmas preview for the chimpanzees out on Young’s Hill. The last couple of years we have given the chimps potted Christmas trees in December and then planted them on Young’s Hill when the ground thaws in the spring. There are currently 3 Christmas trees planted in their 2 acre outdoor enclosure. This afternoon we decorated them all for a holiday forage.

Bell peppers and apple slices make pretty festive ornaments!


Burrito and Missy:




She quickly found all her new gifts!


Negra went out briefly onto the hill, but decided to eat her lunch in the toasty playroom.