The one, the only…

November 10th, 2017 by J.B.

The one, the only…Burrito.


9 Responses to “The one, the only…”

  1. Karen says:

    He is magnificent! Look how content he is and healthy! You guys are the best parents!

  2. Nicole Moore says:

    He looks so sophisticated and mature…with just a hint of goofy. xo

  3. Benjamin Pavsner says:

    Mr. B is one handsome fella…

  4. Dalyce Kowalski says:

    He looks so content – good job, all of you! He really is so handsome!

  5. Kathleen says:

    He looks ancient, wild, and wise in his sepia tones. And adorable, always adorable!

  6. Pauline says:

    He is just so lovely

  7. Chris says:

    He is one magnificent chimpanzee man! Stunning photo!

  8. Tobin says:

    Could Burrito be even cuter? I doubt it. I hope that he gets to see the photographic evidence. All that is missing is a pair of old man glasses and a copy of the Rockville, Indiana weekly newspaper in his hands, and I swear that he is my grandfather’s (almost-) identical twin!

  9. Arlene and Michael says:

    He looks so innocent yet wise. Wonder if he could ever imagine what a fan club he has:)