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Welcome Fall!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, and like most of us, the chimps love the mild weather that comes along with it. Today we had PERFECT sunshine, a light breeze, and 65 degrees! The chimps couldn’t get enough, each taking advantage of the weather in their own way.

Multiple long walks were taken by all (except Negra) out on Young’s Hill. Annie, Missy and Jamie were particularly voracious with their outdoor exploration:



Missy and Annie:


Foxie was in a silly sunny mood. Lately she has been toting around a cheerful purple haired doll. This morning while I was giving my attention to Jamie at the door to the play room, I looked up and saw the doll spiraling towards my head. Foxie had dropped it on me playfully, but without her usual warning.

Rain that poured earlier in the week brought new green grass and plants to the sanctuary. The fresh shoots seemed to be motivation enough for Negra, Burrito, and Jody to spend a little time outdoors as well.