Happy Birthday, Erin!

August 11th, 2017 by Katelyn

This day of sanctuary was sponsored by Erin Yuhas! Erin has been a friend to the chimps and the sanctuary for a long time and she shared this beautiful message about today:

“When I make my wish and blow out my candles I would know my wish came true if I were suddenly there with these chimps. I would give anything to spend every day with these chimps and with those of you who do all you do to help them to be free, happy, and healthy. I enjoy your photos and stories every day and can think of no better way to spend my birthday than partying with my friends, no matter what species they are. I would love to spend the day with all of you. Thank you for sharing their stories with me.”

Erin, we are so touched by your lovely message. Thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to celebrate your special day with you and for making a lasting difference in the lives of the chimps! You are definitely here in spirit! And since you share a birthday month with Foxie and Missy, maybe if you do some flips, carry some trolls and Dora dolls around, drink smoothies and eat copious amounts of tomatoes all day long, it will help bring the spirit of these birthday ladies to you! 😉

Happy Birthday, Erin! All of us are wishing you a fantastic day of celebration, joy and love!



One Response to “Happy Birthday, Erin!”

  1. Francoise Vulpe says:

    What a wonderful wish message, Erin. I was just thinking this morning how, despite the very very hard work and occasional shot of poop, the folks at CSNW must so love their work and spending every day with their beloved charges. We can only be there vicariously — and their posts go a HUGE way to doing that for us — but that is still a wonderful privilege! Happy birthday!!