It’s Beets!

July 15th, 2017 by Diana

The lunch forage on the hill today included quite a variety of vegetables, but the beets were a favorite. Bonus: they are easy to carry back to the greenhouse to enjoy.

Eating beets temporarily stains the chimps’ white freckles a lovely shade of pink, and cleaning up the day after a beet feast is always more colorful.










Negra (with Missy in the background)


If you are wondering about the troll doll by Negra’s feet in the photo above, she actually took a shine to it today. It’s Foxie who loves the troll dolls, but once in a while Negra decides to carry one around!



6 Responses to “It’s Beets!”

  1. Kathleen says:

    I just love the close up of Negra’s rose red lips! I enjoy summer beets too, good and good for you.

    So pleased to see that Negra is enjoying her blue haired Troll doll. So sweet.

  2. Elaine Reininger says:

    Love the picture of Annie (2nd pix) –looks like a flower in her hand. Photo so clear you can see finger nails and lines on her hand and whiskers on her chin Great shot, Diana

  3. Chris says:

    Oh Yum Beets! Do they like the greens as well as the beet itself? These are fabulous photos of everyone enjoying their heart beets! πŸ™‚

    • Diana says:

      They tend to leave the greens behind, which is somewhat surprising because the like lettuces and some kale varieties. Go figure!