Free refills

July 6th, 2017 by Anna

The chimpanzees have access to water spigots at all times during the day, but sometimes they enjoy a refreshing drink straight from the hose. Jamie occasionally adds a personal twist to the caregiver interaction when she brings her own cup.

10 Responses to “Free refills”

  1. Shirley Nelsen says:

    That is JUST like my kids when they were little. I used to think that if I gave each of them a hose, I could leave them for hours, and they would not notice. Though tough on the water bill, I did let them play with the hoses and water in the summer when I wanted five minutes to myself

  2. Nicole Moore says:

    Oh my goodness I love her! She and I really just can’t understand WHY you can’t get the water level correct! 😉

  3. Kathleen says:

    You are a brilliant, compassionate caregiver, but I believe Jamie thinks you are not a good Bar Tender! Filler Up Please! To the brim……. 😁

  4. Lori J says:

    Jamie is a glass “half-full” kinda of a chimp!

  5. Elaine Reininger says:

    She wants the cup full — why can’t you understand that. This is so funny; just loved this vidio

  6. Francoise Vulpe says:

    Don’t be stingy!, she’s thinking, but I think that she also wanted the interaction with the caregiver more than a full cup.

  7. Chris says:

    It would be so fun to watch what they would do if they had the hose themselves. Squirt each other, clean the floor, etc. Any way to give them access to a hose for a little while? I pretty sure Jamie would know how to use one! 🙂

    • Anna says:

      It would definitely be fun to see what would happen, and we’ve definitely thought about it, but we’re afraid it might end in Jamie ripping out part of the plumbing 😉

  8. Peggy says:

    Such a precious girl.