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Morning Exploration

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

On these summer mornings, when there’s still a slight coolness to the air and the sun is low in the sky, the chimpanzees often explore the outdoor habitat. They head out on their own, in pairs, or sometimes as a group, generally splitting off to do some private exploration. They go to the top of the towers to see if the landscape has changed, and they pick edible plants for an after-breakfast snack.

We don’t often get photos of this morning exploration because the humans are busy starting the cleaning for the day.

Today, however, we have a full house of volunteers! I took advantage of the help and went to the top of the observation tower to take a few photos while Deb, Lynn, Rachel, and Dusty scrubbed and disinfected the playroom.

I had to use the telephoto lens to identify the tiny specs of chimps in the distance and even that lens wasn’t able to zoom in very close with the chimps at the very top of the two-acre enclosure. They would sometimes disappear completely, hidden by the tall summer grass. I love watching them out on their own with no concern for the human activity in the building, just soaking in the day.


Missy and Annie:

missy and annie on tower

missy and annie on bridge



missy holding structure

missy on mound


Missy and Annie heading back to the greenhouse:

missy and annie coming back to greenhouse


Jody foraging for prickly lettuce:

jody foraging

jody with weeds


Jamie doing her own thing:

jamie tightrope walking


In memory of Ned and Noreen O’Flaherty

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Today was sponsored by Joan O’Flaherty in memory of her parents, Ned and Noreen, and their anniversary. Ned and Noreen cared deeply for animals and the environment. Joan has been honoring and celebrating her parents on their anniversary and their shared birthday for many years now and we couldn’t be more honored to be included in such special memories.

Joan, thank you so much for continuing to include the chimps in your life and your heart as you celebrate and cherish your parents’ memory. We are so grateful to you for the lasting difference you make in the chimps’ lives. Our thoughts are with you and your family today.

Burrito and Jody:

Jamie and Burrito:

Jamie & Burrito 7

Burrito and Foxie:

Foxie and Burrito groom and play