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Negra forages

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

The chimpanzees all have different techniques for foraging out on Young’s Hill. Most of them will take multiple trips and comb every inch of the ground and structures for every bit of produce and primate chow.

This is not Negra’s technique.

When Negra forages she usually heads for one area and picks up whatever she can see, then heads back to her comfortable nest in the greenhouse. Being active and exploring (even if it means more food), is not Negra’s normal style. She has more of a one and done technique, and you might imagine she doesn’t always come away with a ton of food. This afternoon’s lunch forage paid off big for her though. When we opened the door to Young’s Hill, she rushed to just the right spot and made off with a whole bushel of fresh carrots.

Congratulations Erin and Kammee!

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

This day of sanctuary was sponsored by Samantha McBirney in celebration of the marriage of Erin Delsol and Kammee Mam! Samantha shared this sweet message:

“Today is the day Erin and Kammee tie the knot! My husband and I are regretfully unable to attend their beautiful wedding in Mexico, but if it weren’t for these two, I never would have discovered this sanctuary. We hope you’re having the most perfect day! We’re all (chimps included) celebrating you back here in the states!” 

Samantha, thank you so much for this compassionate gift honoring Erin and Kammee’s big day and their love for the chimpanzees!

Erin and Kammee, you guys are the best for including the chimps in your special day and we are so happy to be celebrating with you! We are sending you all the good thoughts for a beautiful day and life ahead together.

Here are some oldies but goodies, classic Annie and Missy moments full of love, goofiness and celebration:

annie and missy playing

Annie Missy best friends

Missy Annie running behind