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Easter 2017 Part II

Monday, April 17th, 2017

The day after the big celebration the chimpanzees have been napping, resting and eating light, recovering from yesterday’s all day party! As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, here are a few photos from the first Young’s Hill forage of the year (aka Easter Party #2):

Annie picking carrots we “buried” for the chimps to harvest:

Jody and Negra (Negra was ALL over the place! It was her day 🙂 ):

Jody finds a quiet spot to enjoy her spoils:

Missy scored on corn:

Foxie and Dora on the hunt for Easter eggs filled with nuts and berries:

Boss lady, Jamie, thrilled with her beloved leeks:

And a bonus video of Easter shenanigans from the breakfast forage:

Today is for Nicole Moore!

Monday, April 17th, 2017

This day of sanctuary was sponsored by Caralene Fleming and Hanna Moore in honor of Nicole Moore! We are always touched by the circle of love that surrounds the chimpanzees and all the ways in which they are made even more special and included in the celebrations of those who love them.

Hanna shared this lovely message for Nicole’s special day: “For Nicole’s birthday she wanted to sponsor a day for her best buddies. She checks in on the chimps every day and they always bring a smile to her face. She cares so much for animals and people and a few years ago these chimps were the latest to steal her heart. She is so excited to get to come visit this summer and hopes that her pals have a great day on her birthday.”

Caralene and Hanna, thank you so much for generously sponsoring today for Nicole and the chimps! And Nicole, thank you for sharing your love of the chimps and for all you bring to their lives. All of us here at CSNW hope you have a beautiful, happy birthday!

Beautiful Jamie: