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Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Party! Forage! Easter egg hunt! Rest! Repeat! This has been a beautiful and peaceful Easter Sunday here at the chimp house, but that said, it’s also been a day of non-stop celebration and relaxation for the chimps. Their day started off with a breakfast forage in the greenhouse consisting of Easter baskets filled with Easter grass (lettuce), strawberries, blackberries, clementines and watermelon. They also had Easter egg hunt #1 and gift bags filled with pistachios:

And this has been Queen Negra’s day! She’s been the first to show up at all three parties today and had been all over the place! She was so excited as we set up breakfast in the greenhouse as she watched from the playroom window:

And she found one of everything and the perfect spot to sit and enjoy it all:

Burrito enjoying his basket in classic Burrito style…

…head first:

Foxie enjoyed her basket and was smitten with her new Dora doll:

Jamie was all over the place and at one point we saw her climbing up to the top of the greenhouse carrying at least three Easter baskets, but we managed to catch her briefly:

Missy found a gift bag:

The chimps also had some wonderful handmade pinatas from a good friend of theirs and we’ve been giving them a few for special occasions. Burrito was completely in love with this one and carried it EVERYWHERE for the entire morning:

As the breakfast party wound down, Annie contemplated building a nest right in the middle of it all:

And so she did:

Jody managed to get to the top of the greenhouse where Jamie had left her stash of Easter baskets so was out of sight of the camera for the breakfast party, but believe me, she had a good time!

The chimps spent the rest of the morning racing around Young’s Hill and resting up for their Easter lunch forage and Easter egg hunt #2 on Young’s Hill. The weather was perfect chimp weather in the 50’s and it’s the first forage on the hill this year which was pretty exciting for us all! We’ll have photos of the rest of the celebration tomorrow!

But in the meantime, we’ll leave you with party #3 and the chimps’ Easter dinner. They enjoyed roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, onions, and red peppers topped with a smidgen of avocado and accompanied by a 2017 wild berry tea:

Burrito was okay with party #3:

Here he is looking for evening enrichment (tonight it was peanuts in Boomer Balls, wrapped in scarves):

And Missy:

However you celebrate Easter, or whether or not you choose to, we hope you all enjoyed a day as beautiful, peaceful and joyful as you all have made possible for the chimps. We are so full of gratitude to each of you for filling their days with hope, love and excitement.