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Foxie and Pinky’s Adventures

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

From the moment I walked into the chimp house this morning, Foxie had a companion – a bright, pink- haired troll doll, whom I named “Pinky”.

I decided to follow Foxie and Pinky around throughout the day to see what sorts of adventures they would go on. They spent quite a bit of time this morning relaxing in the Greenhouse, where Foxie alternated between holding Pinky and hiding her in the ceiling.

Afterwards, Foxie took Pinky for an adventure on Young’s Hill.

They climbed on the treat rock (a representation of a termite mound found in wild chimpanzee habitat)…

And then made their way back toward the Greenhouse…

..for more rest and relaxation.

But then, somehow, Pinky “transformed” herself…

…okay, maybe not. Looks like Foxie found another friend to keep Pinky company.

What a day!