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You Can’t Please Everyone

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Burrito is more popular in some circles than in others. As a rule, humans adore him while his chimp family merely tolerates him. On a daily basis, Burrito terrorizes the six female chimps he lives with by charging through the chimp house in loud and intimidating dominance displays. Burrito’s just doing what male chimps do, but that argument doesn’t hold much water with the ladies who have to live with him.

Despite all that, there’s something endearingly innocent about him. He feels his emotions deeply. While not the most socially savvy person, he tries hard to fit in, and he doesn’t always understand why the other chimps are upset with him. He loves and trusts his caregivers without reservation, even though humans have not been kind to him in the past. He loves a gentle game of tug of war with his human friends, and he greets every meal like a kid on Christmas morning.