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Keeping Jamie busy

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

This morning Jamie entertained herself with a picture book while she waited for the humans to finish up cleaning.

HOOT! Sponsors Pam Lehnert & Marc Warner

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

This is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting sponsors of the HOOT! 2017 Spring Fling gala.

We thought it would be fun for everyone to get to know the people behind the generosity and learn how they became involved in helping Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

Pam Lehnert and Marc Warner are Happy Hour Sponsors (learn more about sponsorship levels and details for individuals here).

Here is Pam’s description of how and why she and Marc became involved in the sanctuary:

In June, 2008, there was an article in the local Cle Elum/Roslyn paper announcing an open house for a soon-to-open chimpanzee sanctuary. Marc and I immediately made plans to attend, as we thought this was likely the only opportunity we would have to see this private facility. Little did we know that this would be the first of many trips to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as we became involved as volunteers – and that the names Negra, Jamie, Missy, Annie, Jody, Foxie and Burrito would become part of our extended “family tree”!

Having a home in the area, we were fortunate to be able to get to know not only “The Cle Elum Seven”, but the wonderful humans involved with this organization as well. One fateful night, J.B. and Diana were at our cabin having dinner when the subject of doing a fundraising event in Seattle came up. After taking a deep breath, I admitted to Diana that I had some experience with auction events – and as they say – the rest is history and we have been involved with CSNW events ever since.

I always say that the chimps brought us to the sanctuary, but it is in large part the staff and volunteers who have kept us involved. Their willingness to share their knowledge and selfless dedication never ceases to amaze us. Marc and I feel lucky to have been a part of this special group from the beginning and look forward to supporting Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest during this exciting time of growth… and further expanding our family tree.

Pam glossed over the countless hours that she has spent making CSNW events what they are. From planning to decorating to editing to organizing, Pam has been an integral part of events, and she and Marc have also helped the sanctuary in many other ways too, including some back-breaking physical work, creative building, food preparation for humans and chimpanzees alike, and many, many other endeavors.

They also have a very friendly rescued pup named Toby:

Big thanks to Pam and Marc for choosing to sponsor the HOOT! 2017 Spring Fling and helping to make this event a success before it even happens.

See all current sponsors on the HOOT! 2017 event page and find out how you too can be a sponsor!