Case Files

March 19th, 2017 by Elizabeth

Name: Jamie
Nicknames: James, Boss Lady
Age: 39
Birthday: October 31st
Role: The Boss
Personality: intense, smart, watchful
What She Would Save in a Fire: her cowboy boot collection
Likes: law and order, long walks, pears
Dislikes: disobedience, boredom, unpredictability

Name: Foxie
Nicknames: Fox, Tiny
Age: 41
Birthday: August 8th
Role: The Peacekeeper
Personality: cautious, joyful, silly
What She Would Save in a Fire: her doll collection
Likes: fruit smoothies, backflips, bubblegum pop songs
Dislikes: green veggies, conflict, anything new

Name: Burrito
Nicknames: B, Mr. B, Bub
Age: 34
Birthday: January 6th
Role: The Obnoxious Little Brother
Personality: goofy, playful, socially awkward
What He Would Save in a Fire: all of the food in the fridge
Likes: eating, playing with caregivers, causing mischief
Dislikes: non-mealtimes, getting in trouble with the other chimps for causing mischief

14 Responses to “Case Files”

  1. Coleen says:

    Who does Foxy go to when she is having a bad day.

    • Diana says:

      Jumping in to answer here. That’s an interesting question. Foxie rarely has bad days. Bad moments, maybe, but she is pretty good-natured in general. Because she keeps the peace in the group, she can pretty much go to anyone for some quiet grooming or comfort. Her most likely chosen friends are Burrito and Jody. And Jamie if she’s looking to play.

  2. Arlene and Michael says:

    Love the case files and great pictures giving us an in-depth look at these chimps. Looking forward to learning more about the rest of the gang!

  3. Jo says:

    BRILLIANT idea, case files!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!! Thank you so much and hugs and love to you all!

  4. Peggy B says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for these case files.. they will be saved in my Favorites.. and hope to see the others written up soon. Many thanks to all who take such good care of the 7.

  5. Neil says:

    I adore Foxie and Burrito those tow seem to love having a lot fun together keep up the good work guys

  6. Elaine Reininger says:

    Great idea, the facts pure and simple for those of us who can never remember who loves boots, who has tantrums, etc. It seems the only one everyone can remember is Foxie with her troll dolls. Love this idea of a Case File. You should have included physical things (like Freckles on chin, notch on ear, etc) to their file

  7. Francoise says:

    Love it, especially what they’d save in a fire. A hearty slap in the face to the “case files” kept by labs!!!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Hysterical! Still chuckling over “What they would save in a fire”!! Very witty, clever (and educational) indeed. I see custom posters designed for each chimp! ; ) Or note cards……. and then we send them to the NIH as a wee reminder of all the chimps who are still awaiting their freedom to cause mischief, wear boots, love Troll dolls, and discover themselves.

    And I didn’t know Foxie does not like her green vegetables!? With all the healthy greens you serve everyday this must be hard on the chefs. (More lettuce for Negra I guess!)

    • Peggy Smith says:

      Ooh, I do love your idea for the notecards to labs. I think if ones were made showing the sorry state each chimp arrived in with his/her recent portrait of a happy and healthy individual, it would certainly get noticed.

  9. Peggy Smith says:

    I just love these case files… From their nicknames to what they would save in a fire to likes/dislikes and especially the beautiful photos! Thanks!

  10. Perla says:

    I Want to help them¡

  11. Pauline says:

    Such a great idea, really enjoyed reading about them all, they are happy now thank goodness .

  12. PatC says:

    I love this post. Great portraits – they totally match the case file info. 😀 Did not know Foxie doesn’t like greens. Could Burrito be any cuter? I don’t think so.