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Case Files, Part 3

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

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Name: Missy
Nicknames: Miss, Dr. Missy, Lil’ Bigfoot
Age: 41
Birthday: August 23rd
Role: The Deputy
Personality: loyal, energetic, thrill-seeking
What She Would Save in a Fire: the garden tomatoes
Likes: daredevil acrobatics, tending to her friends’ wounds, social cohesion
Dislikes: having her photo taken, green peppers, sitting still

Name: Annie
Nickname: Annie Banannie
Age: 42
Birthday: September 10th
Role: The Lowest in the Hierarchy
Personality: sweet, gentle, sassy
What She Would Save in a Fire: her BFF Missy
Likes: fresh spring grass, men, bare human feet
Dislikes: being wronged, Burrito’s displays, losing track of Missy’s whereabouts