Big Step

June 26th, 2013 by Diana

A big step forward for chimpanzees today. The NIH has decided to accept most of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations proposed in January that include the retirement of the vast majority of chimpanzees supported by the federal government. Read the NIH press release here and the full report here.

Jody before and today

It is unfortunate that the NIH plans to hold fifty chimpanzees for possible continued research, as recommended by the IOM. We don’t see fifty as a generic number – we know that each of those fifty chimpanzees is an individual who should live out the rest of their life in sanctuary, but, overall, today represents  a leap forward for chimpanzees.  There will be no immediate breeding within that group of fifty and the NIH will revisit whether they believe it’s necessary to maintain that group in five years. The NIH also did not accept the  recommendation to provide 1,000 square of space per chimp for those chimpanzees who do remain in research – the NIH will be gathering more information on that recommendation.

10 Responses to “Big Step”

  1. Amy M says:

    Good news, Diana, but we will keep working to get the remaining 50 to freedom, and better living conditions in the meantime.

    • Rebecca says:

      This is great news I hope down the road they release the other 50 or provide them more space. Is there any way to get a petition started for this?

      • Diana says:

        I’m sure there are a few petitions floating around about this particular issue! We’ll let everyone know if we start our own.

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  3. lynn says:

    Made my day 🙂

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  5. Annie Norris says:

    Beautiful news!!!!

  6. Jeani Goodrich says:

    It is good news for all but the 50. Is it possible that it can be less than 5 years?

    • Diana says:

      Jeani – it’s possible. We’ll have to see how the pending Fish and Wildlife decision to classify all chimpanzees as endangered might affect this as well.

  7. Rita Stevenson says:

    I see this a giant step forward,, in a world that operated with out ANY regards to chimp persons lives,, although still VERY disappointing and so horribly SAD and INHUMANE for the remaining 50 chimps.. however , I believe that with further and more aggressive advocating from those who are PROS at shaking and moving the powers that be,, there will be progress,, This past year has been an INCREDIBLE year,, Re,, all the many changes made possible in the freeing of hundreds, and hundreds, of chimps,, whom already live ” F R E E L Y ” whilst living out their retirement from bio medical research
    Ie Chimp Haven’s reception of its latest releases , who joined in with the other residents,
    Save the Chimps is another perfect example of COMMITTED INDIVIDUALS whom have made freeing chimps from research their life’s work, lest we NOT forget to mention all the hard work and dedication of ALL CSNW, founding members, and current, whom have given meaning to the lives of Jody,Negra,Burrito,Annie,Missy,Foxie,and Jamie. I commend all chimp sanctuary staff members/caregivers/ who not only support their existing chimps but who also find time to advocate to bring forth more change, All in all, I hope the last 50 will ALSO be given SANCTUARY.