Green Day Tickets and Resident Rock Stars

April 3rd, 2013 by Diana

I just sent out an e-newsletter with the exciting announcement of an early Out of the Box auction item available for bidding right now – four exclusive tickets to the April 16th Green Day show in Berkeley, CA plus VIP after-show passes with a meet and greet with band members!

Big, big thanks to Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong for this awesome donation to kick off the auction, which is just a month away! AND for the awesome donation of a guitar signed by Green Day band members, which is featured in our online auction. Bidding for that and all other online items opens May 4th- mark your calendars! And buy your tickets for the Seattle gala today.

In honor of Green Day, here’s a photo of rock star Jamie with her purple ukulele:

web jamie play ukulele greenhouse IMG_9637


And in honor of Billie Joe specifically, who is a Burrito fan, here is Burrito in one of my favorite photos of all time – personally, I think Burrito should be on the cover Rolling Stone:

small ed Burrito arms crossed outdoor area IMG_1880


2 Responses to “Green Day Tickets and Resident Rock Stars”

  1. Wanda Trotta says:

    Burrito is definitely one cool guy! This is surely a GQ photo. He looks better than any of their models:)

  2. Jeani Goodrich says:

    Burrito is definitely the Rocker!!! I think Jamie and Burrito could be a duet, Jamie with her purple ukulele and Burrito with accompanying food squeaks!! I feel at least a calendar page coming on, what do you think gang?
    By the way I love the auction logo this year. I hope you will have t-shirts for sale!!!!