What a difference a few years can make

November 17th, 2012 by J.B.

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on how things have changed for the Cle Elum Seven.

Jody in the lab in early 2008:

Jody on her first day at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest:

Jody on Young’s Hill:

Did you know that Jody has her own Facebook page?

6 Responses to “What a difference a few years can make”

  1. Amy M says:

    JB — It’s ALWAYS wonderful to reflect on the changes and how you and everyone else have helped these beautiful chimp people become themselves.

  2. Kat Morrell says:

    Even though Jody looks so much happier now than when she came to Chimp Sanctuary NW, I love the way she made a tiny little nest for herself on the first day. Even at the very beginning, she knew that she was safe here.

  3. Linda (Southern California) says:

    I love these “remember when” sequences. Love to see the chimps becoming the beautiful animals we have all known they have always been.

    More kudos to CSNW.

  4. Rita Stevenson says:

    I too noted the lovely, neat, colorful nest{incidentally, are all healing colors}
    I can only assume, JODY. felt comfortable enough to build a nest. Coming from that horrific jail cell to CSNW it must of felt like it was a good and safe new place. As Jody began to feel safer and safer, I can just imagine the changes in Jody, and all the others. From the CSNW’s chimps exodus from Bruckshire labs to CSNW, must of put a bounce in all thier steps. To see her now on Youngs Hill,exploring,foraging,playing,running,climbing,or plain leisurly walks ,just to feel the wind in her hair,,is all so liberating. Nesting is so signficant in any chimps life. Jody truly is HOME,safe and sound.. the differences in her appearnace are phenominal! thank you ,caregivers. Youve had such a major impact on these chimps lives and well being. They all so so healthy and happy..

    I love <3 you Jody…

  5. Denice says:

    It’s been a hard fought journey, with rewards untold. Jody and the others have the best of care, with love and acceptance for who they are as a species and as individuals. The story has just started for the Cle Elum 7 but there are so many more who are waiting for their story to unfold. Please keep them in mind and do what you can to educate yourself in order to be able to help them get out of the abuse of labs, as pets and the entertainment industry.

  6. Marsha says:

    Just goes to show you – what difference you have made for Jody – she is a love, just like all the rest. Thank-you so much for all you do, and also sharing it with all of us – thanks for your dedication!