Jamie’s letters to you

March 22nd, 2012 by Debbie

We are gearing up for Saturday’s Sippin’ and Biddin’ for the Seven event! If you haven’t yet, check out the art that is available to view on the Biddin’ auction site. Here’s a few selections from the art listing, and some personal favorites of mine—Jamie’s art pieces are up for auction! As many of you know, Jamie is our artist in residence. The first two art pieces are “letters” she’s written with pen. It’s fascinating to see how much enjoyment she receives when given a pen and a piece of paper. And when given paint she can get super creative (the last two pieces were created with some beautiful pink and purple finger paints). A big shout-out to University Frame Shop in Seattle for all of the wonderful framing.

Here’s Jamie’s letter to you:

Jamie’s second letter to you:

Some of Jamie’s mixed media art (it includes some shells that she purposefully attached to the painting):

Jamie’s finger painting:

These will all be up for auction starting Saturday at 5PM Pacific time. Go here to register for the online auction now. Be ready, I have a feeling these are going to get bid on quickly! They are each completely unique art pieces, and would make a lovely addition to your wall, not to mention they will lead to interesting conversation about Jamie and the Cle Elum Seven!

And, if you’ve got something that needs framing, give University Frame Shop a call at (206) 526-1449.

3 Responses to “Jamie’s letters to you”

  1. Linda Goodwin says:

    Give that girl (Jamie) some Mod Podge, scraps of paper or fabric or more tiny seed shells for even more of a multi-media effect! Those art works above look really nice in those frames.

  2. The details, shading, and thought provoking images are Mahhhvelous!!! Jamie is a DIVA with a brush!! Or finger, or shells etc…..!! <3

  3. Sara Lissabet, Fairfax says:

    If you collect enough of her pieces, Jamie could have her own art exhibit.

    If this ever happens, please make it available for online viewing! And I would still love to buy a piece of hers…