Foxie, the closet nester?

March 8th, 2012 by Jackie

When Foxie arrived at CSNW almost 4 years ago, she wanted nothing to do with toys and especially blankets. While in the lab, the chimps weren’t given much, if any enrichment so it would make sense that after 30 years of living in barren cages, a toy or a blanket would seem a bit foreign to her. When we discovered her love of troll dolls, her distaste for other toys faded some, but she would still toss aside a blanket that was in her way and preferred to sleep on the concrete floor. It’s only been in the last year that we have witnessed her making rudimentary signs of nesting behavior with blankets. I haven’t seen her nest too much lately, but last night, after locking up the chimp area, Elizabeth and I were on our way out the door when we happened to look up and see Foxie laying in the loft playing and nesting with a small blanket. Perhaps she’s a closet nester?

11 Responses to “Foxie, the closet nester?”

  1. Patti says:

    Shhhh, don’t tell the others.

  2. Teri says:

    She is so sweet…she is winding herself down for the day 🙂

  3. Swiss Charrd says:

    Oh Foxie! Looks like she is giving that blanket a thorough testing….maybe she will be nesting once they pass all the rigors.

  4. Sara L., Fairfax, VA says:

    Caught in the act! Maybe she’s finally ready to give her (troll) babies a warm place in which to sleep.

  5. Marcia Douthwaite says:

    I hope she will find them so comfortable and make some lovely nests. Does Burrito use the blankets? Thanks for the video!

    • Denice says:

      Burrito is not much of a nest builder. He will move into a nest after someone moves or he might slide a blanket close to him or use one for a pillow if no one is watching him. As for gathering blankets and the going into a full nest making mode, not that I have ever seen. He does like to play tug-o-war with blankets.

  6. Rita Stevenson says:

    Bless her sweet little heart. She is coming along just fine. By now the texture of fleece blankys probably feels good,smooth ans perhaps comforting. Who knows maybe she will start bringing them out with her, Whatever she chooses and does tht makes her feel good is GREAT. Thats what its al about, Finding thier comfort zone, obviously, Foxie endulges in her hidden pleasures,, Im just so happy and teary eyes to see her enjoying her blankets at her nesting area. XXXfor yu Foxie.

  7. Barbara Mollison says:

    I found a great deal on some new nesting blankets…. Will get them in the mail soon, maybe with some extra surprises. I love these chimps and wish I could do more, but I do what I can do.

  8. MS says:

    Do the chimps still grunt goodnight to you when you leave them for the night?